IUPAC_name = heptan-2-amine

CAS_number =
ATC_prefix = R01
ATC_suffix = AA11
PubChem = 5603
DrugBank =
molecular_weight = 115.217 g/mol
bioavailability =
protein_bound =
metabolism =
elimination_half-life =
excretion =
pregnancy_AU =
pregnancy_US =
legal_AU =
legal_CA =
legal_UK =
legal_US =
legal_status =
routes_of_administration =

Tuaminoheptane (or tuamine) is a nasal decongestant drug which is a sympathomimetic stimulant and vasoconstrictor. [Delicado EG, Fideu MD, Miras-Portugal MT, Pourrias B, Aunis D. Effect of tuamine, heptaminol and two analogues on uptake and release of catecholamines in cultured chromaffin cells. "Biochemical Pharmacology". 1990 Aug 15;40(4):821-5.] However it can cause skin irritation, [Raoux M, Colomban C, Delmas P, Crest M. The amine-containing cutaneous irritant heptylamine inhibits the volume-regulated anion channel and mobilizes intracellular calcium in normal human epidermal keratinocytes. "Molecular Pharmacology". 2007 Jun;71(6):1685-94.] which limits its usefulness as a nasal decongestant. Side effects can include acute glaucoma, tachycardia and hypertension. [http://www.biam2.org/www/Sub2823.html]


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