Tipp-Ex is a brand of correction fluid and other related products that is popular throughout Europe. It was also the name of the German company ("Tipp-Ex GmbH & Co. KG") that produced the products in the "Tipp-Ex" line. "Tipp-Ex" is a trademark for correction products. It has become so popular that it has become an English genericised trademark: to "tippex" or "tippex out" means to erase, either generally or with correction fluid.


The "Tipp-Ex" company was founded in 1959, in Frankfurt, Germany, by Otto Carls. The first product was an innovative correction paper for use with typewriters. The name "Tipp-Ex" given both to the company and the product was based on the use of this product — "Tipp" is the German word for "type", and "ex" is Latin for "no more".

As a result of the invention of "Tipp-Ex", it became possible to erase a typo typed with a typewriter. The typewriter would be backspaced to the letter that was to be changed, the correction paper would be placed in front of the ribbon, and the mistyped letter would be re-typed.

Demand for this correction paper grew very quickly and brought interest from both German and international distributors.

In 1965, "Tipp-Ex" launched a correction fluid and quickly developed a full range of correction fluids for different uses. Sold in more than 150 countries, "Tipp-Ex" became a unique European brand.

In 1992 "Tipp-Ex" introduced its first correction tape, followed in 1995 by the successful Pocket Mouse correction tape. In 1998, the correction pen was launched and in 1999 the Mini Pocket Mouse correction tape. The range was extended to erasers, and in 2000, the new foam applicator was adapted to all the correction fluid bottles.

In 1997, Société Bic acquired "Tipp-Ex". "Tipp-Ex" is now the leading European correction products brand and is the tenth most recognized German brand name in the world [ [http://www.bicworld.com/inter_en/corporate/brand_tippex.asp Corporate: Our Brands - Tipp-Ex® ] ] .


The "Tipp-Ex" correction fluid is a white liquid. It is used for painting over mistakes in a piece of writing. A brush (which was later replaced by a foam applicator) is attached to the cap, so when the bottle is closed, the brush is immersed in the "Tipp-Ex". When unscrewed, the brush is covered in liquid "Tipp-Ex" which is then painted over the mistake. However, it is still possible to see that "Tipp-Ex" has been used, and also the original content if the paper is held up to a light.

If the contents of a "Tipp-Ex" bottle have been exposed to too much air (for example, if the cap has been unscrewed too long or if the bottle is half-empty and there is air filling the space), the "Tipp-Ex" becomes thicker, and sometimes even solidifies. To help prevent this, "Tipp-Ex" released a product called "Tipp-Ex" thinner", a few drops of which are mixed with the contents of a bottle of partially dried "Tipp-Ex" to thin it. This extends the lifetime of a "Tipp-Ex" bottle.


In 1988 the Ayrshire Education Authority (AEA) banned the use of Tipp-ex in all its schools, by staff and students alike. The reason given was the possibility of the solvent (1,1,1-trichloroethane) being inhaled by children as a form of substance abuse. While a number of schools in the UK are known to have introduced similar rules, the AEA is the only local education authority to have extended it to an entire region. The decision was revoked six months later following complaints from staff, students and parents.

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* [http://www.bicworld.com/inter_en/corporate/brand_tippex.asp Information about "Tipp-Ex"] from the [http://www.bicworld.com/ BIC website] .
* [http://www.bicworld.com/inter_en/stationery/product_history/print_timeline.asp BIC product history] — mentions "Tipp-Ex" a few times.

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