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Name = Bestial Warlust

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Background = group_or_band
Alias = Corpse Molestation
Origin = Melbourne, Australia
Genre = Black metal Brutal death metal
Years_active = 1993−1997
Label = Modern Invasion Music
Primitive Arts
Associated_acts = Deströyer 666
Hobbs' Angel of Death
Mass Confusion
Cemetery Urn
Corpse Molestation
Gospel of the Horns
Long Voyage Back
Funerary Pit
Current_members = Damon (Bloodstorm) Burr
Markus aka Hellcunt
Jordy aka Joe Skullfucker
Past_members = Battleslaughter
Chris Corpsemolester
Phil (Bullet Eater) Gresik
Keith aka K.K. Warslut
Chris Masochist

Bestial Warlust is a black metal band formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1993. The band was first formed under the name "Corpse Molestation" and at the time played brutal death metal with five demos and one demo compilation under the name. Their lyrical themes involved death, war and blasphemy. The band also uses pseudonyms instead of actual names to hide their identity. They were also one of the pioneers of Australian black metal, [cite web |url= | biography of Bestial Warlust |author= |last=Rivadavia |first=Eduardo |quote=One of Australia's first black metal bands of note, the wonderfully named Bestial Warlust arguably still qualify as one of its most extreme ever. ] recording two uncompromising black/death metal albums in the mid-nineties before breaking up. Their style was raw and furious, [cite web |url= | information about Bestial Warlust |quote=Their style was raw and furious, in the old-school Norwegian black metal tradition. ] taking off from the old-school black metal style found in such bands as: Sarcófago, Beherit, Bathory, Blasphemy and Sodom


In Australia, the mid 1990's saw the release of Blood Duster's "Fisting the Dead", and releases from other significant Australian bands like Sadistik Exekution, Abominator, Destroyer 666 and Bestial Warlust. The Australian sound mimicked the music of the earliest death metal bands like Possessed and early Morbid Angel. [cite web |url=,M1| title=Death Metal Music: The Passion and Politics of a Subculture, p. 72] Bestial Warlust was formed when brutal death metal band, "Corpse Molestation", changed its name to Bestial Warlust in 1993. The band is considered an important black metal band in Australia's history, being the first band of that genre from the area and arguably still one of the most extreme in Australia's history. [cite web |url= | biography of Bestial Warlust |author= |last=Rivadavia |first=Eduardo |quote=One of Australia's first black metal bands of note, the wonderfully named Bestial Warlust arguably still qualify as one of its most extreme ever. ] Many members of Bestial Warlust went on to form Deströyer 666.

Band members

Last known line-up

* Damon (Bloodstorm) Burr − Vocals (Cemetery Urn, ex-Abominator, Kutabare, ex-Corpse Molestation)
* Markus aka Hellcunt − Drums (Gospel of the Horns, ex-Entasis, ex-Anatomy)
* Joe Skullfucker − Electric Rhythm & Lead Guitars / Bass / Vocals

Former members

* Battleslaughter − Guitar (ex-Entasis)
* Chris Corpsemolester − Bass (ex-Corpse Molestation)
* Phil (Bullet Eater) Gresik − Bass (ex-Deströyer 666, ex-Hobbs' Angel of Death, Long Voyage Back, ex-Mass Confusion)
* Keith aka K.K. Warslut − Guitar (Deströyer 666, ex-Corpse Molestation, Raven's Wing)
* Marauder − Guitar (Gospel of the Horns, ex-Deströyer 666 (live), Funerary Pit)
* Undertaker - Bass (Abominator, Cemetery Urn)


tudio albums

* "Vengeance War Till Death" (1994)
* "Blood & Valour" (1995)

Demo / Promo`s

* "Promo 1993" [1 Track] (1993)
* "Promo 1995" (1995)
* "Satan's Fist" (1998)


* "The Blackend Vol. 1" (Black Metal Compilation Feat: "Satanic" From "Vengeance...War 'Till Death"
* "The Blackend Vol. 2" (Black Metal Compilation Feat: "Orgy Of Souls (Hallowed Night)" From "Blood & Valour"
* "Headbangers Against Disco Vol. 1" (Split album with: Sabbat, Gehennah and Infernö, 1997)


External links

* [ Bestial Warlust] at Encyclopaedia Metallum
* [|WARLUST&sql=11:0jfixqrhldje~T0 Bestial Warlust] at Allmusic

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