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official_name = Fuxin
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settlement_type = Prefecture-level city
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subdivision_name1 = Liaoning
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seat_type =City Seat
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parts_type =Districts and Counties
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p1 =Haizhou District
p2 =Xinqiu District
p3 =Taiping District
p4 =Qinghemen District
p5 =Xihe District
p6 =Zhangwu County
p7 =Fuxin Mongol Autonomous County
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leader_title = CPC Fuxin
leader_name = Committee Secretary
leader_title1 = Mayor
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population_as_of = 2005
population_footnotes = http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Fuxin&action=submit (PDF)]
population_note =
population_total = 1930000
population_density_km2 =
population_density_sq_mi =
population_urban = 785000
timezone = China Standard
utc_offset = +8
timezone_DST =
utc_offset_DST =
coor_type = city(193000)
latd=42 |latm=01 |lats= |latNS=N
longd=121 |longm=39 |longs= |longEW= E
postal_code_type =
postal_code =
area_code =418
website = www.fuxin.gov.cn
footnotes =

Fuxin (zh-sp|s=linktext|阜|新|p=Fùxīn) is a prefecture-level city in the Liaoning province of northeastern China. The total population of the prefecture in 2005 was 1.93 million and the urban population of Fuxin City was 785,000 as of the year 2000.


Fuxin has direct administration over 7 county-level divisions: 5 districts, 1 county and 1 autonomous county:
* Haizhou District (海州区; pinyin: Hǎizhōu Qū)
* Xinqiu District (新邱区; pinyin: Xīnqiū Qū)
* Taiping District (太平区; pinyin: Tàipíng Qū)
* Qinghemen District (清河门区; pinyin: Qīnghémén Qū)
* Xihe District (细河区; pinyin: Xìhé Qū)
* Zhangwu County (彰武县; pinyin: Zhāngwǔ Xiàn)
* Fuxin Mongol Autonomous County (阜新蒙古族自治县; pinyin: Fùxīn Měnggǔzú Zìzhìxiàn)


Fuxin is located west-northwest of Shenyang, the provincial capital.


Fuxin is a mining center in an agricultural region.The city suffers from the over-mining of coal, which is low in supply while fundamental in Fuxin's economy. As the coal mines run dry, Fuxin is trying to find other industries to keep its economy going.


The Liaoning Technical University is located in Fuxin. There are a number of opportunities to teach English in Fuxin at both the University level and via private schools.


Fuxin is served by the China National Highway 101, which connects Beijing to Shenyang.The only highway connects Jinzhou and Fuxin. Another highway to Shenyang is under construction.

Sister City

* Gary, United States [ [http://www.post-trib.com/news/1035179,gcouncil.article Fuxin, Gary now sisters / Post-Trib.com] ]

ee also

* 2005 Sunjiawan mine disaster


External links

* [http://www.fuxin.gov.cn Official Government Site] (in Simplified Chinese)
* [http://www.teach-in-china.cn/fuxin.php Information about Fuxin]

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