Hiromi Satō

is a Japanese female singer from Iwate Prefecture. She has performed for songs for games and anime, such as "Mizuiro", "Onegai Twins", "Green Green", and the "Galaxy Angel" games. Prior to December 10, 2005, her name was written as 佐藤裕美. She works for ARIA Entertainment.


Hiromi Sato made her singing debut with the song "Shield", ending theme for the PC game "Kanaria ~kono omoi o uta ni nosete~" by Front Wing. In October 2001 she released her first major debut album, "Looking for sign", a collection of game theme songs she had performed. She started performing theme songs for TV anime in 2003, where she performed the opening theme for the TV anime adaptation of "Green Green", "Guri Guri", and the opening theme for "Onegai Twins", "Second Flight", which was a duet with Kotoko. She had her first voice-acting role in the 2005 TV anime "Sousei no Aquarion" as Rena Rune.



*2003-08-06: "Guri Guri" - TV anime "Green Green" opening theme
*2004-06-25: "Angelic Symphony" - PC game "Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers" theme song
*2004-11-26: "Owari Naki Prelude" - PS2 game "Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers" ending theme
*2004-12-23: "Koeda-chan no Ohayahho-♪" - TV anime "Midori no Kuni no Koeda-chan" theme song
*2005-01-19: "Akatsuki no Sora o Kakeru" - TV anime "Grenadier ~hohoemi no senshi~" theme song (terrestrial broadcast)
*2005-03-30: "Sugar season vol.1: Harukaze"
*2005-06-29: "Sugar season vol.2: Natsuhana"
*2005-07-13: "Milktea Kiss" - PC game "Magical Canan -RISEA-" theme song
*2005-07-21: "Hello Goodbye" - PC game "Green Green 3 ~Hello Goodbye~" opening theme
*2005-08-03: "Toki no Musouka" - TV anime "Kidō Shinsengumi Moeyo Ken opening theme
*2005-10-26: "Sugar season vol.3: Akitsuki"
*2005-12-21: "Sugar season vol.4: Fuyu Koi"
*2005-12-23: "Tears in snow" - PC game "True Tears" opening theme
*2006-03-17: "Dream Maker" - Radio show "Satou Hiromi no Komideji" opening theme
*2006-07-28: "Cause your love ~shiroi melody~" - PC game "Galaxy Angel II ~Zettai Ryouiki no Tobira~" ending theme
*2006-11-24: "Venus Dream" - TV anime "Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku o!" ending theme
*2007-08-24: "Sayonara" - TV anime "Mushi-Uta" ending theme


*2001-10-30: "Hiromi Sato Game Theme song Collection ~Looking for sign~"
*2003-01-22: "Sugar kiss ~Theme Song Collection~"
*2005-02-24: "Angelica"
*2007-05-25: "Brilliant Moon"

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