Fast Track Initiative

Fast Track Initiative

The Fast Track Initiative (FTI) was launched in 2002. It was designed as a major initiative to help countries achieve the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of Universal Primary Education (UPE) by 2015. It was endorsed by the Development Committee of the World Bank as a 'process that would provide quick and incremental technical and financial support to countries that have policies but are not on track to attain Universal Primary Completion by 2015' (World Bank Development Committee, 2003a). Its primary frame of reference is the Monterrey Consensus (March 2002) that commits governments and international financial and technical assistance agencies to work through new 'development partnerships' based on mutual accountability and responsibility for achieving the MDGs, including UPE by 2015. Countries that are implementing policy and institutional reforms and have the means to be accountable for their results can expect to receive additional and better co-ordinated external assistance in support of their development plans.


* [ Education For All – Fast Track Initiative Review of the Governance and Management Structures, Nov 2005]

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