No. 208 Radar Station RAAF

No. 208 Radar Station RAAF was an Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) radar station formed at Mine Camp near Catherine Hill Bay, New South Wales on 10 February 1943.

The radar station at Mine Camp was built by the Allied Works Council to monitor enemy airborne threats during World War II. The radar station had two large 44 metres (144 ft) timber aerial towers spaced 100 metres apart on a north and south arrangement and two concrete igloo buildings which housed the Advance Chain Overseas (ACO) radar equipment and second generation of British CH type of radar operating in the HF band.

At its establishment it had a total of 41 personnel consisting of 1 RAAF Officer, 1 Women's Auxiliary Australian Air Force (WAAAF) Officer, 14 RAAF personnel and 25 WAAAF personnel. The maximum level of personnel was in May 1943 with a total of 54 personnel. The WAAAF female personnel served as radar operators and the RAAF male personnel served as radar mechanics. All communicated plotted data was sent to the No. 2 Fighter Sector Headquarters in Newcastle by land line or radio telephone.

The radar station also served RAAF Base Rathmines, monitoring movements of Catalina's and other aircraft.

No. 208 Radar Station RAAF was disbanded on 28 January 1947.

Commanding officers

  • A.J. Ryan (FlgOff) - 10 January 1943
  • A.G.L. Price (FlgOff) - 2 June 1943
  • R.S. Coggins (PltOff) - 16 September 1943
  • S.E. Stead (SectOff) - 1 September 1944
  • W.C. Hammer (FltLt) - 6 October 1944
  • R.S. Pearce (FlgOff) - 6 April 1945
  • E.M. Robertson (SectOff) - 14 July 1945
  • E.S. Padman (FltLt) - 10 September 1945
  • J.W. Harris (FltLt) - 15 November 1945
  • B.F. Gallagher (FlgOff) - 24 January 1946
  • W.S. Mattick (Sgt) - 5 February 1946


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