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IUPACName=2,5,9-trimethyl-7-pyrano [5,6-f] benzofuranone
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Trioxsalen (trimethylpsoralen, trioxysalen or trisoralen) is a furanocoumarin and a psoralen derivative. It is obtained from several plants, mainly "Psoralea corylifolia". Like other psoralens it causes photosensitization of the skin. It is administered either topically or orally in conjunction with UV-A (the least damaging form of ultraviolet light) for phototherapy treatment of vitiligo [cite web|url=|title=PubChem CID 5585] and hand eczema. [PMID 15611423] After photoactivation it creates interstrand cross-links in DNA, which can cause programmed cell death unless repaired by cellular mechanisms. In research it can be conjugated to dyes for confocal microscopy and used to visualize sites of DNA damage. [PMID 17373769] The compound is also being explored for development of antisense oligonucleotides that can be cross-linked specifically to a mutant mRNA sequence without affecting normal transcripts differing at even a single base pair. [PMID 17150768]


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