Lord Mayor of Cork

The Lord Mayor of Cork is the honorific title of the Chairman (Irish: Cathaoirleach)[1] of Cork City Council which is the local government body for the city of Cork in Ireland. The incumbent is Terry Shannon of Fianna Fáil.[2] The office holder is elected annually by the members of the Council.


History of office

In 1199 there is a record of the appointment of a Provost of Cork, as chief magistrate of the city.[3] From 1273 under Edward I there were Mayors of Cork[citation needed], the first record of the office (as Mayor of Cork) is in a charter granted to the city by Edward II in 1318. The title was changed to Lord Mayor in a charter issued by Queen Victoria on 9 July 1900;[4] unlike his counterparts, the Lord Mayor of Dublin and the Lord Mayor of Belfast, the Cork Lord Mayor was not entitled to title The Right Honourable. The title Lord Mayor defines the power of a city when compared to other towns and cities around the country. Only Dublin, Belfast and Cork have the privilege of using the title Lord Mayor, as opposed to just simply Mayor.

In a ceremony known as Throwing the Dart, the Lord Mayor throws a dart into Cork Harbour at its boundaries, to symbolise the city's control over the port. This tradition was first recorded in 1759, although it is probably older.[5]

Election to the office

The Lord Mayor is elected to office annually by councillors of Cork City Council from amongst its members. The current Lord Mayor is Cllr. Terry Shannon of Fianna Fáil. The position of Lord Mayor has been rotated between Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Labour Party on an annual basis since 1979 as a result of a controversial pact between the three parties. [6]

Former office holders

This is a list of former Mayors and Lord Mayors.[7]

Provost of Cork

Year[8] Name During Reign of
1199 John Despencer[3] King John
1236 Walter Eynoff[9] Henry III
1249 Elias Stakepole[9] Henry III
1251 John Wenchedon[9] Henry III
1252 Walter Wright[9] Henry III
1272 Nick Morren[9] Henry III

Mayors of Cork

Year Name Party Notes
1272 Richard Morren During the reign of King Edward I of England.
1273 Richard Wine During the reign of King Edward I of England.
1274 Richard Lee During the reign of King Edward I of England.
1279 Walter Tardiff During the reign of King Edward I of England.
1281 Walter Rute During the reign of King Edward I of England.
1285 Peter Russel During the reign of King Edward I of England.
1287 William Pollard During the reign of King Edward I of England.
1290 Walter Tardiff During the reign of King Edward I of England.
1291 Walter O'Heyn During the reign of King Edward I of England.
1293 John Lavallen During the reign of King Edward II of England.
1310 John Walters During the reign of King Edward II of England.
1311 William Bond During the reign of King Edward II of England.
1312 Nich. de la Weily During the reign of King Edward II of England.
1379 David Miagh During the reign of King Richard II of England.
1381 David Miagh During the reign of King Richard II of England.
1644 Robert Coppinger
1645 James Lombard
1645–1655 During Cromwellian usurpation.
1656 John Hodder 1st Mayor after the Act of Settlement that restored King Charles II of England.
1657 William Hodder
1658 Philip Mathews
1659 Jonas Morris
1660 Christopher Oliver
1661 Walter Cooper
1662 Richard Covert First Mayor of Cork from the Huguenot community
1663 James Vandeleur
1664 Richard Bassen
1665 Nobler Dunscombe
1666 Thomas Farren
1667 Christopher Rye
1668 Christopher Rye
1669 Mathew Deane
1670 James Finch
1671 John Newenham
1672 John Hawkins
1673 Thomas Mills
1674 John Bayley
1675 George Wright
1676 William Field
1677 Timothy Tuckey
1678 Thomas Kitchenman
1679 John Bayley
1680 Robert Rogers
1681 William Alwin
1682 Richard Covert Second Term. His name is sometimes anglicised as Covett.[10]
1683 John Wright
1684 Edward Webber
1685 Christopher Crofts
1686 Edward Hoare
1687 William Ballard King James II of England also appointed Ignatius Gold. Would be mayor in 1690 also.
1687 Ignatius Gold For King James II. He and his family forfeited estates in Ireland after James loss. Last Catholic to hold the post until William Lyons.
1688 Patrick Roach For King William
1689 Dominick Sarsfield Fourth Viscount Sarsfield
1690 William Ballard
1691 Mathew Deane Baronet from Charleville, son served as an MP Cork as did his son.
1692 Daniel Crone
1693 William Howell
1694 Peter Renew Huguenot also served as Sheriff in 1681. Surname originally Renieu.
1695 Samuel Love Castle Saffron near Doneraile.
1696 James French
1697 William Roberts
1698 William Goddard Mayor of the Staple of Cork
1699 Theo. Morris
1700 John Sealy
1701 Simon Dring Surname sometimes listed as Tiring.
1702 John Whiting
1703 Edmund Knapp Served as M.P. for. Cork City, 1715–27
1704 William Andrews A former Sheriff in 1698.
1705 Francis Cotterel A former Sheriff in 1700.
1706 Bernard Poye A former Sheriff in 1707.
1707 Joseph Franklin
1708 Row. Delahoyde
1709 Noblet Rogers A former Sheriff in 1706
1710 Edward Hoare A former Sheriff in 1707 also served as M.P. for. Cork City.
1711 Richard Philips A former Sheriff.
1712 Daniel Perdian Huguenot also served as Sheriff in 1704. Surname originally Perdriau.
1713 John Allen
1714 Edward Browne
1715 Philip French Previously served as a sheriff in 1712.
1716 William Lambley Previously served as a sheriff.
1717 Abraham French Previously served as a sheriff.
1718 John Morley Previously served as a sheriff.
1719 John Terry Previously served as a sheriff in 1711.
1720 Joseph Lavit Huguenot also served as Sheriff in 1713. Surname also spelled Lavite.
1721 William Hawkins
1722 Daniel Pearse
1723 Ed. Brockelsby
1724 George Bennett
1725 Ambrose Cremore
1726 Robert Atkins
1727 Thomas Browne
1728 Hugh Millard
1729 John Atkins
1730 Joseph Austin
1731 James Hulett
1732 Samuel Croker
1733 Thomas Pembroke
1734 George Fuller Freeman of cork, elected alderman 1727.
1735 Amb. Jackson
1736 Thomas Farren
1737 John Baldwin
1738 Adam Newman
1739 William Fuller
1740 Harding Parker
1741 Richard Bradshaw
1742 William Owgans
1743 Randall Westropp
1744 William Winthrop
1745 Walter Lavit Huguenot son of Joseph, also served as Sheriff in 1733
1800 Philip Allen
1801 Michael Robert Westropp
1802 Michael Robert Westropp re-elected
1803 Richard Lane
1804 Thomas Wagget
1805 Charles Evanson
1806 Rowland Morrison
1807 John Day
1808 Thomas Harding
1809 John Foster
1810 Noblett Johnson
1811 Paul Maylor
1812 Thomas Dorman
1813 Peter Dumas
1814 Sir David Perrier
1815 Henry Sadlier
1816 John George Newsom
1817 Edward Allen
1818 Thomas Gibbings
1819 Richard Digby
1820 Isaac Jones
1821 Sir Anthony Perrier Huguenot and noted for Distillation method.
1822 Edward Newsom
1823 Henry Bagnell Merchant
1824 Bartholomew Gibbings
1825 John N. Wrixon
1826 Thomas Harrison
1827 Richard N. Parker
1828 Thomas Dunscombe Blackrock Observatory Built during his term
1829 Thomas Pope
1830 George Knapp
1831 Joseph Garde
1832 John Besnard Huguenot / Weaver
1833 Joseph Leycester Conservative
1834 Charles Perry
1835 Andrew Spearing
1836 Peter Besnard Huguenot / Weaver
1837 John Saunders
1838 John Bagnell
1839 Lionel J. Westropp
1840 James Lane
1841 Juilius Besnard Huguenot / Weaver
1842 Thomas Lyons Merchant
1843 Francis Bernard Beamish Repeal Association From the brewing family.
1844 William Fagan Repeal Association/Whig
1845 Richard Dowden
1846 Andrew F. Roche
1847 Edward Hackett Died in Office
1847 Andrew Roche Replaced Hackett
1848 William Lyons First Catholic Mayor of Cork since 1688.
Father of Robert Spencer Dyer Lyons MP and physician.
1849 Sir William Lyons re-elected and Knighted on royal visit.
1850 John Shea
1851 James Lambkin
1852 William Hackett
1853 John Francis Maguire Became an MP for Dungarvan then Cork City
1854 John N. Murphy
1855 Sir John Gordon
1856 William Fitzgibbon
1857 William Fitzgibbon
1858 Daniel Donegan
1859 John Arnott Liberal Businessman born in Scotland, founder of the Arnotts department chain.
1860 Sir John Arnott Liberal He was Knighted
1861 Sir John Arnott Liberal Served as an MP for Kinsale
1862 John Francis Maguire Liberal also an MP
1863 John Francis Maguire Liberal
1864 John Francis Maguire Liberal
1865 Charles J. Cantillon
1866 Francis Lyons Liberal
1867 Francis Lyons Liberal
1868 Francis Lyons Liberal
1869 Daniel O'Sullivan
1870 William Hegarty
1871 John Daly Home Rule League
1872 John Daly Irish Parliamentary Party
1873 John Daly Irish Parliamentary Party
1874 Daniel A. Nagle
1875 Daniel A. Nagle
1876 George Penrose Knighted
1877 Barry J. Sheehan
1878 William V. Greeg
1879 Patrick Kennedy
1880 Patrick Kennedy
1881 Sir Daniel V. O'Sullivan Grandfather of Maureen O'Sullivan Actress
1882 Daniel J. Galvin
1883 Daniel J. Galvin
1884 Daniel J. Galvin Until June replaced
1884 Barry J. Sheehan From June
1885 Paul J. Madden
1886 Paul J. Madden
1887 John O'Brien
1888 John O'Brien
1889 Daniel Ryan
1890 Daniel Horgan Irish National League
1891 Daniel Horgan Irish National League Nationalist supported Charles Stewart Parnell in Irish Parliamentary Party split
1892 Daniel Horgan Irish National League
1893 Augustine Roche Irish Parliamentary Party Supported Parnell in split
1894 Augustine Roche Irish Parliamentary Party
1895 Patrick H. Meade
1896 Sir John Scott Unionist
1897 Patrick H. Meade
1898 Patrick H. Meade
1899–1900 Eugene Crean Irish Parliamentary Party last officeholder before title was changed

Lord Mayors of Cork

Year Name Party Notes
1901 Edward Fitzgerald Created a baronet "of Geraldine Place in the Parish of St Finbarr, in the City and County of Cork" 7 September 1903[11]
1902 Edward Fitzgerald
1903 Sir Edward FitzGerald, Bt..
1904 Augustine Roche Irish Parliamentary Party MP for Cork 1905–1910
1905 Joseph Barrett
1906 Joseph Barrett
1907 Richard Cronin
1908 Thomas Donovan
1909 Thomas Donovan
1910 Thomas Donovan
1911 Henry O'Shea
1911 James Simcox All-for-Ireland League
1912 James Simcox All-for-Ireland League
1912 Henry O'Shea Irish Parliamentary Party Redmondite IPP
1913 Henry O'Shea Irish Parliamentary Party
1914 Henry O'Shea Irish Parliamentary Party
1915 Henry O'Shea Irish Parliamentary Party
1916 Thomas C. Butterfield
1917 Thomas C. Butterfield
1918 Thomas C. Butterfield
1919 William F. O'Connor
1920 Tomás Mac Curtain Sinn Féin First Sinn Féin Lord Mayor, shot dead by members of the
Royal Irish Constabulary during the Irish War of Independence
1920 Terence MacSwiney Sinn Féin MacCurtain's successor, died in hunger strike in Brixton Prison
1920 Donal O'Callaghan Sinn Féin
1921 Donal O'Callaghan Sinn Féin
1922 Donal O'Callaghan Sinn Féin
1923 Donal O'Callaghan Sinn Féin
1924 Seán French Sinn Féin Cork TD, Longest serving Lord Mayor of Cork
since the foundation of the state
1925 Seán French Sinn Féin
1926 Seán French Fianna Fáil
1927 Seán French Fianna Fáil
1928 Seán French Fianna Fáil
1929 Seán French Fianna Fáil
1930 Frank Daly Fianna Fáil
1931 Frank Daly Fianna Fáil
1932 Seán French Fianna Fáil
1933 Seán French Fianna Fáil
1934 Seán French Fianna Fáil
1935 Seán French Fianna Fáil
1936 Seán French Fianna Fáil
1937 Seán French Fianna Fáil Died in office
1937 James Hickey Labour Party
1938 James Hickey Labour Party
1939 James Hickey Labour Party
1940 William Desmond Fine Gael
1941 John Horgan Fine Gael
1942 James Allen
1942 Richard Anthony Labour Party
1943 James Hickey Labour Party
1944 Seán Cronin
1945 Michael Sheehan Independent
1946 Michael Sheehan Independent
1947 Michael Sheehan Independent
1948 Michael Sheehan Independent
1949 Seán McCarthy Fianna Fáil
1950 Seán McCarthy Fianna Fáil
1951 Walter Furlong Fianna Fáil
1952 Patrick McGrath Fianna Fáil
1953 Patrick McGrath Fianna Fáil
1954 Patrick McGrath Fianna Fáil
1955 Patrick McGrath Fianna Fáil
1956 Seán Casey Labour Party

1957 Richard (Val) Jago Fianna Fáil
1958 Seán McCarthy Fianna Fáil
1959 Jane Dowdall Fianna Fáil First female Lord Mayor of Cork
1960 Stephen D. Barrett Fine Gael
1961 Anthony Barry Fine Gael
1962 Seán Casey Labour Party
1963 Seán McCarthy Fianna Fáil
1964 Gus Healy Fianna Fáil
1965 Cornelius Desmond Labour Party
1966 Seán Casey Labour Party Died in office
1966 Seán McCarthy Fianna Fáil
1967 Pearse Wyse Fianna Fáil
1968 John Bermingham Fine Gael
1969 Thomas Pearse Leahy Labour Party
1970 Peter Barry Fine Gael Former Minister for Foreign Affairs
1971 Timothy J. O'Sullivan Fine Gael
1972 Seán O'Leary Fine Gael
1973 Patrick Kerrigan Labour Party
1974 Pearse Wyse Fianna Fáil
1975 Gus Healy Fianna Fáil
1976 Seán French Fianna Fáil
1977 Gerald Goldberg Fianna Fáil First Jewish Lord Mayor of Cork
1978 Brian C. Sloane Fianna Fáil
1979 Jim Corr Fine Gael
1980 Toddy O'Sullivan Labour Party
1981 Paud Black Fianna Fáil
1982 Hugh Coveney Fine Gael Minister for Defence & Minister for the Marine
1983 John Dennehy Fianna Fáil
1984 Liam Burke Fine Gael
1985 Dan Wallace Fianna Fáil
1986 Gerry O'Sullivan Labour Party Labour Party TD and Minister of State for the Marine.
1987 Thomas Brosnan Fianna Fáil
1988 Bernard Allen Fine Gael
1989 Chrissie Aherne Fianna Fáil
1990 Frank Nash Labour Party
1991 Denis Cregan Fine Gael
1992 Micheál Martin Fianna Fáil Former Minister for Foreign Affairs
1993 John Murray Labour Party
1994 Tim Falvey Fianna Fáil
1995 Joe O'Callaghan Labour Party
1996 Jim Corr Fine Gael
1997 Dave McCarthy Fianna Fáil
1998 Joe O'Flynn Labour Party
1999 Damian Wallace Fianna Fáil Son of Dan Wallace, Lord Mayor in 1985
2000 P. J. Hourican Fine Gael
2001 Tom O'Driscoll Fianna Fáil
2002 John Kelleher Labour Party
2003 Colm Burke Fine Gael
2004 Seán Martin Fianna Fáil
2005 Deirdre Clune Fine Gael
2006 Michael Ahern Labour Party
2007 Donal Counihan Fianna Fáil
2008 Brian Bermingham Fine Gael Son of John Bermingham, Lord Mayor in 1968
2009 Dara Murphy[12] Fine Gael
2010 Mick O'Connell[13] Labour Party
2011 Terry Shannon Fianna Fáil

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