Vicky Botwright

Vicky Botwright

Vicky Botwright (born 18 June 1977, in Manchester, United Kingdom) is an English squash player. Although she was ranked fifth in the world at the end of 2005, she is more famous for planning to appear on court in a thong bikini style outfit of sports bra and thong briefs. WISPA, the Women's Squash authority, refused permission. Her popularity and fame increased after this incident, though afterward she stated that the whole idea of "skimpy" clothing on-court was a publicity stunt dreamed up by the members of WISPA.cite web | year =2004
url =
title = SummerTime Classics- Vicky
publisher =SquashSite
] She went on to say that she was selected as the player to wear the clothing. She also said that this was not her idea at all, and that she did not think the incident would become so infamous.

Vicky also plays in the North West Counties Squash Leagues for her local Team Monton, who are in the 2nd Division in the League. However, her appearances are rare due to her WISPA commitments.


Botwright stated the following on a radio interview:Fact|date=February 2007

cquote2|"I approached Andrew Shelley, who is the chairperson of the Wispa, if us girls were allowed to wear skimpier clothing. He saw the clothing and said 'not really', but he said he would put it to the board and see what they said. The board had a meeting but they still came back and said 'no'."

"Squash sometimes gets left behind the times. You look at other sports like athletics where they wear little bra tops and running knickers and you look at tennis and they are all trendy - they are becoming more revealing. Squash always seemed to be skirt and top or dress - it's quite boring really, we need to attract a wider audience."

"I don't think squash can complain about what anyone takes an interest in because we are a minority sport - any interest is good interest."


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