Peter Levi

Peter Chad Tigar Levi, FSA, FRSL, (16 May 1931 – 1 February 2000), Professor of Poetry at the University of Oxford (1984-1989) was a poet, archaeologist, sometime Jesuit priest, travel writer, biographer, academic and prolific reviewer and critic.

Early life and education

Levi was born in Ruislip, Middlesex of parents with Mediterranean ancestry. The family of his father (Herbert Simon Levi) came from Istanbul and that of his mother (Edith Mary Tigar) from Spain. His mother was a devout Roman Catholic and his Jewish father converted to that religion; their three children all entered religious orders.

He was educated in private Catholic establishments starting at Prior Park near Bath, run by the Christian Brothers. When he was 14 Oscar Wilde had become his literary idol. Wilde had said that "the Greek text of the Gospels was the most beautiful book in the world"Levi, Peter. (1980) "The Hill of Kronos".] , so a school with more Greek was demanded and he changed schools to Beaumont College, a Jesuit school near Windsor. While at Beaumont, at the age of 17 he joined the Society of Jesus as a novice, he was to remain a Jesuit until he resigned the priesthood 29 years later in 1977. Levi trained for the priesthood at Heythrop College and read Classics at Campion Hall. During his teenage years he suffered from polio and as an undergraduate was knocked down by a car – the after-effects of these were to affect him throughout his life.cite news | author = Mitchell J | title = Obituary: Peter Levi | url = | work = The Independent (London) | date = 2000-02-03 | accessdate = 2007-06-14 ] cite news | author = Forbes, Peter | title = Obituary: Peter Levi | url =,,131860,00.html | work = The Guardian (London) | date = 2000-02-03 | accessdate = 2007-06-16 ]

Whilst at Heythrop, then a country house near Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire, he was not the most ruly of seminarians, this and possible doubts his vocation, led to his ordination being delayed for a year::We used to translate psalm [119] "Beati immaculati in via" at Heythrop as "Blessed are those who are not spotted on the way out". I was spotted too often ...

This delay had the fortunate side effect of enabling his first visit to Greece in 1963. He travelled through Afghanistan with Bruce Chatwin in 1970, looking for traces of Greek culture.

After the priesthood

He left the priesthood in 1977. He subsequently married Deirdre, widow of Cyril Connolly.

He spent a year as archaeological correspondent for The Times before returning to academic life. In 1984, he was elected Oxford Professor of Poetry, an appointment requiring only a minimal number of public lectures.

In 1988, he claimed to have found a previously unknown poem by William Shakespeare in a manuscript at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California. However, the claim has not been accepted by most scholars.

It has been claimed that his Jewish background has influenced his work to some extent, notably in his translation of the Book of Psalms.


Most of this data retrieved from British Library catalogue July 2006.


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Articles and Lectures

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* [ "The Paris Review" Interview with Peter Levi]

NAME = Levi, Peter, FSA, FRSL
ALTERNATIVE NAMES = Levi, Peter Chad Tigar
SHORT DESCRIPTION = Writer, archaeologist, sometime Jesuit priest
DATE OF BIRTH = May 16, 1931
PLACE OF BIRTH = Ruislip, Middlesex, England
DATE OF DEATH = February 1, 2000

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