Shield (comics)

Shield (comics)

Shield, in comics, may refer to:

* S.H.I.E.L.D., the Marvel Comics organization
* Shield (Archie Comics), a number of characters who appeared in Archie and Impact Comics publications
* "The Shield", a comic book adaptation of the TV series, published by IDW Publishing [comicbookdb|type=title|id=8048|title="The Shield: Spotlight"]

It may also refer to:
*Blue Shield (comics), a Marvel Comics superhero
*Deathshield, a Marvel Comics supervillain, trained by the Taskmaster to be the Captain America equivalent in an evil version of the Avengers [comicbookdb|type=character|id=13610|title=Deathshield]
*"Eyeshield 21", a manga distributed in North America by Viz Comics
*"Heavenshield", an OEL manga from Tokyopop [comicbookdb|type=title|id=18441|title="Heavenshield"]

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*Shield (disambiguation)


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