Popular Front of the Canary Islands

The Popular Front of the Canary Islands (Frente Popular de las Islas Canarias) or FREPIC-AWAÑAK is a leftist political party seeking independence from Spain for the Canary Islands.

It celebrated its first congress in May 1986. FREPIC-AWAÑAK was formed by merging minority Canarian political organizations like Organización para los Comunistas Canarios (OCC), and the PRAIC Partido Revolucionario Africano de las Islas Canarias, which had originated in the Partido de los Trabajadores Canarios (PTC), the former political wing of MPAIAC.

Political goals

The Popular Front of the Canary Islands (FREPIC-AWAÑAK) defines itself as a “popular organization”. Its aims are to:

*Struggle against the “errors” of the autonomist Unión del Pueblo Canario party by “openly refusing any autonomist proposal, even those which claim that they are a preliminary step towards auto-determination and independence.”

* Begin a movement for the establishment of the "República Popular Canaria", an independent “Popular Republic of the Canary Islands”, by bringing into its fold “the Canarians who are against colonial rule and who favor total political independence from Spain”


The Popular Front of the Canary Islands (FREPIC-AWAÑAK) never was able to reach effective political representation and remained a minority group. Its best electoral results were in 1996, in the Spanish Senate elections, where it reached only less than 5,000 votes. From that moment onwards the FREPIC-AWAÑAK has not taken part again in any election. Now changed, his independentist principios foremost moroccan frindship and help cooperation, like a way of demostration "golpe de fuerza" (Strong coup) thinking that is the best way to do fear against Central Administration and obtain more autonomist.

Its latest policies, including its harsh criticism (because Polisario now is not extreme socialist and for the financin funds of militants in Gran Canaria by the moroccan government, and for bit accords on the amazig points with Polisario-Frelisario) on the Polisario Front suggest that the Popular Front of the Canary Islands is getting close to Morocco, and this country would be funding it [ [http://www.libertaddigital.com:83/php3/noticia.php3?fecha_edi_on=2005-06-23&num_edi_on=1453&cpn=1276254634&seccion=MUN_D Libertad Digital: Internacional :: Los independentistas canarios apoyan un Sahara marroquí "para mantener la paz en la región" ] ] .

Presently the FREPIC-AWAÑAK is functioning only in Gran Canaria island. Its secretary general is Tomás Quintana.


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