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caption=The sliced "jokbal", a popular dish for anju in South Korea

"Jokbal" is a Korean dish consisting of pigs' feet cooked with soy sauce and spices.


The hair is removed from pigs' feet and they are thoroughly washed. Leeks, garlic, ginger, "cheongju" (rice wine) and water are brought to a boil. The pigs' feet are added, brought back to a boil and then simmered until tender. Then additional water, sugar and soy sauce are poured into the pot and the contents are slowly stirred. Once the "jokbal" is fully cooked, bones are removed, and the meat is cut into thick slices. It is then served with fermented shrimp sauce called "saeujeot" (새우젓).

As the preparation of "jokbal" is quite painstaking and requires a great deal of time, "jokbal" is usually ordered for delivery or purchased from a "jokbal" shop. Jangchungdong district, Jung-gu, Seoul is very well known for featuring a large number of such shops.


As "jokbal" is usually shared with several other diners, it is usually served in large portions on a platter. Due to its unique greasiness and strong flavor, "jokbal" is eaten like other Korean grilled meats--wrapped in lettuce with other vegetables by hand before it is eaten. As "jokbal" is considered an "anju", it is often eaten with soju as well as other "anju"s such as "bindaetteok".


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