The Most (TV series)

"The Most" is a 2002 documentary television series hosted and narrated by Mike Rowe which aired on the History Channel. It had many subjects and a "Most Moment" at the end of every episode that included the Tienanmen Square Massacre and the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. The subjects of the series had to do with the "Most" of something, that is, for example, the most isolated place in space (Mir), the most infamous symbol (swastika), or even the "most" largest island (Greenland). Also the stories were put into categories such as "close calls"


*the bubonic plague
*the great fire of London
*the cross
*Sovereign Military Order of Malta
*the atomic bombing of Hiroshima
*the Challenger Explosion
*Tienanmen Square
*the Great Depression
*"Hoover ball"
*Chernobyl reactor meltdown
*flying cars
*the Mir spacecraft
*Olympus Mons
*the Norwegian rocket
*the swastika
*killer monkey grapes

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