Arguido (male, pronounced|ɐɾˈɡu̯idu) or arguida (female, IPA| [ɐɾˈɡu̯idɐ] ), normally translated "named suspect" or "formal suspect",cite news|url=,,2164464,00.html|title=What is an arguido?|publisher="The Guardian"|date=2007-09-07|accessdate = 2007-09-07] is a status in Portuguese language legal systems, including the legal systems of Portugal and Mozambique. [cite news|url=|title=Mari Alkatiri foi constituído arguido|publisher=Moçambique para todos|date=2006-07-11|accessdate = 2007-09-08] It is given to a person whom the authorities suspect may have committed an offence.This designation does not exist in certain other jurisdictions.e.g. "...there is no direct equivalent in UK law..."cite news|url=|title=What is an 'arguido'?|publisher="Channel 4 News"|date=2007-09-07|accessdate = 2007-09-08] In a criminal investigation a person has to be declared an "arguido" prior to being arrested.cite news|url=|title=Q&A: what is an arguido, or suspect, in Portugal?|publisher="The Times"|date=2007-09-07|accessdate = 2007-09-08] Portuguese law makes a distinction between arguido and suspect. [ [ Janus 2004 | As garantias dos arguidos no processo penal português ] ]

The rights of an arguido

If a person becomes an "arguido", he automatically gains certain rights that a witness or suspect would not have.cite news|url=|title=Q&A: Suspects and Portuguese law|publisher="BBC News Online"|date=2007-09-07|accessdate = 2007-09-08] An "arguido" has the right to be accompanied by a lawyer when questioned. The investigating police may ask the "arguido" more direct accusatory questions, which would not be legal otherwise, but the "arguido" must be presented with whatever evidence is held against him or her, and unlike a witness has the right to remain silent,cite news|url=|title=Why is Kate McCann now a 'suspect'?|publisher="Metro"|date=2007-09-07|accessdate = 2007-09-07] not to answer any question that may incriminate the person, and does not face legal action for lying. [ [ ARGUIDOS E REGRESSO] ]

Witnesses in criminal investigations are legally bound to co-operate with the police and do not have the right to silence and face legal actions if they lie. [ [ ARGUIDOS E REGRESSO] ] Because of the legal advantages, some individuals apply for "arguido" status to be given to themselves, e.g. when it would appear that the police suspect them but are trying to use their witness status to extract as much information as possible.

A person who has "arguido" status has not been formally accused of a crime, arrested or charged,cite news|url=,,70131-1265804,00.html|title='Formal Suspect' - The Portuguese Law|publisher="Sky News"|date=2007-05-15|accessdate = 2007-09-08] and not all "arguidos" are subsequently charged.The police may ask a court to restrict an "arguido"'s movement and oblige him to not leave the country."Arguidos" cannot change their place of residence.There is no time limit on the status.cite news|url=|title=Portuguese law: naming an 'arguida'|publisher="The Daily Telegraph"|date=2007-09-08|accessdate = 2007-09-08]


"Arguido" derives from the Latin "arguire" or "arguere". [ [ Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa On-line Priberam] ] [ [ Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid] ] The English words "argue" and "argument" have the same etymology. [ [ Online Etymology Dictionary ] ] [ [ va=argument - Definition from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary ] ]


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