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Johncom (40%)
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M-Net (originally an abbreviation for Electronic Media Network) is a subscription-funded television channel in South Africa, established in 1986 by a consortium of newspaper companies, including Naspers.

Similar to Canal+ in France, the channel offers a mix of general entertainment, children's programmes, sports and movies, most of which are acquired from overseas but some are also locally produced. While the TV signal is generally encrypted, M-Net showed some programmes 'free to air' in its "Open Time" slot between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., until the slot closed on 1 April 2007.In the early 1990s, M-Net added a second channel on the analog service (CSN), and began digital broadcasting via satellite to the rest of Africa, via its sister company MultiChoice.

With the introduction of MultiChoice's multi-channel digital satellite TV service, DStv, in 1995, several different channels have been created to complement the original M-Net terrestrial channel.

M-Net launched its subscription based Web TV service in August 2005 under the name KuduClub. The service operated in unison with the premiere of the Idols South Africa 3 series. The service hosts all of its channels described above, excluding DStv, plus exclusive content.


The Early Years (1985-1989)

The idea of a pay-TV network in South Africa came to life in the mid-1980's, when Nasionale Pers (Naspers) - headed by executive Koos Bekker - started to promote the idea to the country's other three largest media corporations: Times Media Ltd (now Avusa/BDFM), Argus (now the Independent Group) and Perskor (which is now defunct).cite web | work=financialmail.co.za | title=How pay-TV in SA was started |url=http://free.financialmail.co.za/08/0801/cover/coverstoryc.htm| accessdaymonth=6 August | accessyear=2008] The newspapers and magazines published by Naspers had lost a lot of advertising revenue to the SABC after the arrival of television and for this reason, according to some sources, the National Party government wanted Naspers to run its own television network.cite web | work=financialmail.co.za | title=How pay-TV in SA was started |url=http://free.financialmail.co.za/08/0801/cover/coverstoryc.htm| accessdaymonth=6 August | accessyear=2008] Initially, the plan was for M-Net to be jointly owned by the four media corporations, with the Natal Witness also having a small share in the station. However, as time went on, the project became that of Naspers only.

In October, 1986, M-Net started broadcasting for 12 hours a day, to about 500 households who had bought decoders. (Their aim at that stage was to sell 9,000 decoders per month.)cite web | work=financialmail.co.za | title=How pay-TV in SA was started |url=http://free.financialmail.co.za/08/0801/cover/coverstoryc.htm| accessdaymonth=6 August | accessyear=2008] At that time, it was only the second pay-TV service outside of the United States.cite web | work=bizcommunity.com | title=Thumbs up for M-Net on its 20th birthday |url=http://www.bizcommunity.com/Article/196/66/11937.html| accessdaymonth=6 November | accessyear=2006]

Although it was subscription-based, the Broadcasting Authority granted M-Net a one-hour time slot each day, in which the channel could broadcast unencrypted, free-to-air content, in order to promote itself and attract potential subscribers. This time slot became known as "Open Time", but was only meant to be temporary - M-Net was supposed to close "Open Time" immediately when it had 150 000 subscribers.

At the end of its first year, M-Net recorded a loss of R37-million.cite web | work=financialmail.co.za | title=How pay-TV in SA was started |url=http://free.financialmail.co.za/08/0801/cover/coverstoryc.htm| accessdaymonth=6 August | accessyear=2008] However, it pushed forward and eventually, the public started taking notice. After two years, the loss was turned into a R20-million profit.cite web | work=financialmail.co.za | title=How pay-TV in SA was started |url=http://free.financialmail.co.za/08/0801/cover/coverstoryc.htm| accessdaymonth=6 August | accessyear=2008] In 1988, the channel launched "Carte Blanche", a multi-award winning actuality program hosted by Derek Watts and Ruda Landman. In only a few years, "Carte Blanche" became famous for its cutting edge and fearless investigative journalism. In the process, the show also uncovered many of South Africa's most famous scandals of human rights abuse, corruption and consumer affairs.

1989 saw the launch of M-Net SuperSport, which went on to become South Africa's first dedicated sports channel.

Becoming a hit (1990-1996)

1990 was the first year that M-Net made a profitcite web | work=beeld.com | title=Kinder-TV 'n groot hupstoot vir M-Net (Afrikaans)|url=] and also the year that saw a few major changes for the channel. It launched K-TV, a daily time slot specialising in kids entertainment, and Open Time was expanded from the initial one hour per day, to two. M-Net applied for a licence to broadcast news and the application was granted in December 1990. (Former SA president P.W. Botha once claimed that "M-Net would not broadcast news as long as he was State President."cite web | work=beeld.com | title=Die tyd is ryp vir M-Net-Nuus (Afrikaans) |url=] ) However, during June 1991, M-Net announced that it was putting its plans for news broadcasts aside and that, instead, more money would be invested in local productions. One of these new local productions turned out to be "", which started in May 1992. It was South Africa's first local soap opera and was an almost immediate hit.

M-Net SuperSport changed its name in 1994 to "SuperSport" only, in order to create a more unique brand. During that year it broadcasted live coverage of South Africa's test cricket series in Australia for the first time. At the same time, Hugh Bladen and Naas Botha - two of the channel's most colourful rugby commentators - joined SuperSport. By that time, its sports coverage became very impressive, including the US Masters, the FA Cup Finals, the Indy 500, the US PGA Championship, Wimbledon, the Tour de France, MotoGP and an ever-expanding rugby package. In 1995, SuperSport started broadcasting 24 hours per day on M-Net's spare channel, the Community Service Network, which paved the way for a 24-hour multi-channel sports network. When rugby became a full professional sport in 1995, most of the broadcasting rights in the Southern Hemisphere were sold to Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation. M-Net was furious about not getting a bidding opportunity and it was now feared that most South Africans would lose out on rugby broadcasts altogether. M-Net started negotiating with NewsCorp in August 1995 and in February the following year, SuperSport was granted sole broadcasting rights to both the Super 12 and Tri Nations rugby tournaments.cite web | work=beeld.com | title=M-Net slaan slag met rugby op TV (Afrikaans)|url=] It was a major breakthrough for M-Net as well as SuperSport, which had by now expanded to channels on DStv, Multichoice's satellite TV service.

All M-Net Channels


* Channel 101

Get connected to the magic of M-Net for the latest movies, gripping Mini-Series, the best international sports coverage on SuperSport, kids entertainment on K-TV and much more. For the best in television entertainment.

M-Net Movies 1

* Channel 103

M-Net Movies 1 is a 24 hour channel from M-Net providing up to 100 different movie titles a month with no commercial breaks. All movies screened on M-Net Movies 1 are in their premiere season, bringing you the newest Pay-TV offerings.

M-Net Movies 2

* Channel 104

M-Net Movies 2 provides you with even more opportunities to watch movies in their encore season. More choices, and more convenience, for your viewing pleasure, 24 hours a day.

M-Net Stars

* Channel 105

Encompassing movies that are firm, favourites and contemporary classics, M-Net Stars is aimed at audiences who love and feel good films. DStv subscribers can watch out for undeniable talents of screen queens with first-class Hollywood comedians on M-Net Stars Channel.

M-Net Action

* Channel 106

M-Net Action brings you high impact action movies and series. Explosions, bombs, and bullets, flying fists and feet, dangerous men and far more dangerous women!

M-Net Series

* Channel 110

A channel dedicated to exceptional series from the 60s through to the 90s. It spans many genres from drama to comedy, action, sci-fi and romance.


* Channel 111

If Afrikaans is your home language or even your second language, here's a television channel with REAL local flavour. It's called kykNET, it's produced by M-Net, and it broadcasts only in Afrikaans. Programming includes everything from talk shows, to variety and music programmes, the best in local dramas and cooking shows.

Magic World

* Channel 112

Magic World is a variety channel packaged with programming covering local productions in the movies, sport and series genres.


* Channel 114

AfricaMagic: an entertainment channel dedicated to African programming made by Africans.


* Channel 115

AfricaMagic+: an entertainment channel dedicated to African programming made by Africans, with the best of Southern and Eastern African content.


* Channel 123

With wacky, unpredictable and off-the-wall communication, GO offers unparalleled entertainment for the cool funky, in-the-know trend-setting young adults who want the best programming covering all entertainment genres including; dram, sitcoms, reality, comedy and interactive shows, as well as cult classics.

M-Net HD

* Channel 170

M-Net HD (scheduled for launch 24 August 2008 cite web | work=iol.co.za | title=M-Net to broadcast in HD |url=http://www.ioltechnology.co.za/article_page.php?iArticleId=4531081| accessdaymonth=30 July | accessyear=2008] ) is not an exact enhanced replica of the ever-popular M-Net. It contains a variety of programming from different M-Net channels (M-Net, GO, M-Net Series, M-Net Action and M-Net Movies). While some shows on M-Net HD will simulcast with other M-Net channels, M-Net HD will also boast exclusive material as well as HD versions of shows that have recently been broadcast on M-Net or its sister channels.

M-Net will be a mix of both local and international series, movies, sporting action and one-off specials, such as music concerts. M-Net HD will also feature Dolby Digital 5.1.

M-Net HD will be the first high definition television service in South Africa.


* Channel 300

K-All Day is a full spectrum entertainment channel for kids aged 3 -12 featuring a variety of the world's best children's programming from suppliers like Nickelodeon, Disney and Nelvana. The programming covers a broad range; from a special pre-school offering in the Pre-K slots to the best of Nickelodeon in the Nickelodeon blocks.

Channel O

* Channel 320

24-7-365... Channel O is a leader in music television and the most highly regarded outlet for African talent and videos on the planet. Targeted at youth with the rhythm of Africa in their soul, Channel O is renowned for its ability to bring home the hottest musical programming from across the continent.

= MK =

* Channel 324

This exciting channel that will mainly broadcast Afrikaans music videos and music related programming for a younger audience, will break the sound barrier. The content will consist of music videos, talk shows featuring well-known musicians and other celebrities, album reviews and news coverage about events on the local music front. All music genres, such as rock, pop and alternative, will be featured. Sit jou waaib aan!


Note: This is a list of shows that are currently running on M-Net, ended during the previous month or is due to start soon (as of August 2008). It is subject to change.

* "Army Wives"
* "Back to You"
* "Binnelanders"
* "Brothers & Sisters"
* "Carpoolers"
* "Carte Blanche"
* "Chuck"
* ""
* ""
* ""
* ""
* "Eli Stone"
* "Friday Night Lights"
* "High School Musical Spotlight South Africa"
* "Jacob's Cross"
* "Mad Men"
* "My Name is Earl"
* "Parkinson"
* "Reaper"
* "Reba"
* "Scrubs"
* "Shark"
* "Smallville"
* "South Park"
* "The Big Bang Theory"
* "The Power of 10"
* "The Riches"
* "The Tudors"
* "Two and a Half Men"
* "The Simpsons"

ee also

*M-Net Literary Awards


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* [http://www.mnet.co.za Official Site]

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