North-Link Line

The North-Link Line (北迴線) is the central section of the Eastern Line of the Taiwan Railway Administration. It has a total length of 86.6 km, including the 7.4 km segment between Beipu and Hualien Port. [1]



This railroad was completed in 1979 and was electrified in 2003. Expansion to two tracks (double track) was completed in January 2005.


Outline map near Su'ao, Stations:
A: Su-aosin, B: Su-ao, C: Yongle
Blue:Yilan Line, Green: North-Link Line
Outline map near Hualien, Stations:
A: Hualien (former), B: Hualien Port,
C: Hualien, D: Beipu, E: Ji'an, F: Meilun
Yellow: North-Link Line
Blue:Hualien–Taitung Line
Green: Hualien Port Line
Red: Hualien Port Line (former)
Station Name Transfers and Notes Location
Hanyu Tongyong Chinese
Su'aoxin Su-aosin 蘇澳新 → Connecting to the Yilan Line Su'ao Yilan County
Yongle 永樂
Dong'ao Dong-ao 東澳 Nan'ao
Nan'ao Nan-ao 南澳 Su'ao
Wuta 武塔 Nan'ao
Hanben 漢本
Heping 和平 Xiulin Hualien County
Heren 和仁
Chongde 崇德
Xincheng Sincheng 新城 Arr r.pngAlso named Taroko Station (太魯閣) Xincheng
Jingmei 景美 Xiulin
Beipu 北埔 → Connecting to the Hualien Port Line Xincheng
Hualien 花蓮 → Connecting to the Hualien–Taitung Line
→ Connecting to the Hualien Port Line
Hualien City

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