Cary Bullos

MMAstatsbox|name=Cary Bullos
nick=The Prince
height=5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
weight=132 lb (60 kg)
birthdate=birth date and age|year=1983|month=08|day=09
hometown=Lapu-lapu City, Cebu
fightteam=Sel Def MMA Team

fightstyle=Muay Thai, Submission Grappling, Judo

Cary "The Prince" Bullos is one of the top mixed martial arts(MMA) fighter in Cebu,Philippines. He was born on August 9, 1983.He has participated in most major MMA events in the country including "Ground and Pound", "Only the Strong Survives", "Ultimate Fights" and, just recently "Ultimate Reality Combat Championships", where he gained his recent victories making his record 11-0-0. All his fights are won before the first round ends either via submissions or knockout.

Early Life on Martial Arts

Cary started young in his martial arts life. At the age of 8 years old, he started practicing Tae Kwon Do and has participated in martial arts competitions since then. When he turned 15 years old, he started the rigorous art of Muay Thai and at the same time, also learned the Oriental Art of Judo. He then competed and won in various Full Contact Fighting Competitions.

With the advent of Mixed Martial Arts Events in the Philippines, Cary has then turned his eye in learning the fascinating art by combining his hard strikes with grappling techniques into his game. He was 19 years old then.

The Prince of MMA

Upon learning Mixed Martial Arts, Cary "The Prince" has trained in various teams, but the main source of his fighting knowledge has been his elder brother, Lyndel Bullos, who is also his trainer, coach and manager.

He has participated in major Mixed Martial Arts events in Cebu including Ground "and Pound", "Only the Strong Survives", "Ultimate Fights", and just recently joined the country's most prestigious MMA event and promoter "Ultimate Reality Combat Championships".

Cary has the fast and heavy fists, hard-hitting kicks and sheer strength that he employs to hoist his opponent up in the air before slamming them into the canvas to end most of his bouts on ground and pound tactics. But those opponents who under estimated his submission game had to learn the hard truth after being choked out or joint manipulated sending his message that he does have more submission techniques up in his sleeves.

Conquering URCC

URCC or The Ultimate Reality Combat Championships is the first and top MMA event in the country.It has been promoting MMA in the Philppines by seeking out MMA talents of various styles and pitting them to find out the better fighter.It was when URCC came to Cebu that they came upon Cary.

Cary got his first match in URCC(URCC Cebu) against Elijah Siyam of Bacolod City.He literally destroyed him by heavy punches from the mount position after escaping a near armbar.

His second fight was held at Manila where he faced Freddie Magada, a Freestyle fighter from Manila. The fight didn't last long after a high kick by Cary caused a large gash on his opponent's temple.This fight became URCC's fastest knockout ending at 16 seconds.

The second URCC Cebu, "Visayan Pride" was held in Waterfront Cebu. He was pitted against Republic Gym's Tony Donaire. Again, the match ended at round one after tapping out from the heavy punches delivered from back-side control.

URCC XII, the most recent event held in Makati, also featured Cary in one of the undercards. He went against Arnel Arancina, a Blow-by-blow Boxing Champion and an MMA figher from Gym Kata. The stand up chess match was exhilirating and superb. After hurling knees, elbows, back kicks and every other striking arsenal, a big right hand brought Arancina down. Cary getting a rear mount, finished off the fight via rear-naked choke, his second submission win.

With his discipline in training, determination in winning and wit in the ring, Cary has the right tools to succeed in his goal of claiming the reputable titles within his 60-kilogram weight class.

He also leads his own MMA club called Sel Def which aims in creating future MMA fighters such as himself.



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