Baggage allowance

On the commercial transportation, mostly with airlines, the baggage allowance is the amount of checked or carry-on luggage the airline will allow per passenger. On some airlines, this is the amount that is allowed free of charge. In other cases, this is the firm limit, and carrying additional weight for an extra payment is not an option.

General Overview

The general allowance per passenger depends on the policies of the particular airline. On flights to, from, and within North America, it is typical for an airline to allow passengers to check up to 2 pieces of lugagge that are up to 50 pounds (22.7kg) each free of charge (total 100 pounds = 45.4 kg). First- and business-class passengers can often check a third piece, and/or have a limit of 70 pounds (32kg) per bag.

On other flights, the baggage allowance tends to be between 15kg (33 pounds) and 23kg (50lb) in economy class, with higher allowances for first- and business-class. Many airlines give an increased baggage limit to high-ranking members of their frequent flyer clubs.

Checked luggage is usually measured by weight. All checked items are generally weighed by the airline, and if they exceed the limit, the passenger is informed by the airline. To avoid any fees, the passenger may be able to switch some of the items found in the suitcase to another suitcase, or else carry it on. Otherwise, excess baggage fees are payable. Fees may be levied per piece or per pound/kilogram over the limit, although they are frequently waived or reduced, especially during holiday seasons or when passengers are only slightly over the limit.

Carry-on luggage tends to be measured more in dimensions. Passengers can thereby skip weight restrictions by carrying on the item. However, there are more restrictions on the types of belongings that can be carried on the plane, due to security restrictions. Many airlines have a nominal weight limit on carry-on luggage, but it is very rarely enforced. [ IATA Baggage Information]

External links

* [ The Travel Insider] . Lists the allowances on each airline.
* [ TSA List of Permitted and Prohibited Items]


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