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International University Vienna

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International University Vienna (IUV) is a private institution located in Vienna, Austria, with a subsidiary in Kiev, (Ukraine). It was founded in 1981 as "European Christian College". IU Vienna is the only academic institution in Austria whose accreditation as a private university has been withdrawn. [ [ International University: Akkreditierung aberkannt,] (German)]

Withdrawal of university accreditation

Between January 2001 and July 2003, IU Vienna was accredited as a private university by the accreditation council of the Austrian government. The initial accreditation had been granted only for a period of three years due to concerns on some critical issues (recruitment of scientific staff, research, library). In 2003, the accreditation was withdrawn by the council by 31 July 2003. [ [ Austrian accreditation council: Revocation of IUV's accreditation] ]


**Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
**Bachelor of Arts in Diplomatic Studies (BADS)
**Bachelor of Arts in Global Business & International Relations (BAGBIR)

**Advanced/Master of Arts in Diplomatic & Strategic Studies (A/MADSS)
**Master of International Business (MIB)
**Master of Business Administration (MBA)


"Christian Dimension"

IU Vienna states, that since its founding, it has been based on Christian principles emphasized in the Bible. This "Christian dimension" is expressed in the following: [ [ "Christian Dimension", website of IU Vienna] ]
*Biblical history, literature and philosophy courses form part of the General Education requirements.
*The IU Board and Administration, and some of IU’s staff, faculty and students are committed to the Christian faith.
*IU’s Convocation emphasizes Bible reading and prayer, in addition to guest speakers on a variety of current topics.
*People who believe in the value of Christian education make sacrificial donations to help international students have the opportunity for studying their chosen majors and also learn more about Christianity.
*IU provides opportunities for Christian worship and service.

Legal status of academic degrees

Academic degrees granted by IU Vienna within the period of accreditation (4 January 2001 through 31 July 2003) are legal in Austria and other EU countries. Any degrees granted after the revocation of accreditation came into force (i.e. after 31 July 2003), lack accredited status, and their use may be restricted or illegal in some jurisdictions. The university states that its degrees are licensed in Alabama, [ [ License by Alabama, website of IU Vienna] ] but as an unaccredited institution use of these degrees in some contexts within the United States and elsewhere may also be restricted or illegal. For example, the Office of Degree Authorization of Oregon lists International University Vienna as an unaccredited foreign degree supplier and advices "employers, potential students, potential clients and others doing business with users of these degrees" to "take appropriate steps to determine the true nature of the credentials ... in order to ensure that degrees are genuine and are being used legally". [ [ Oregon Office of Degree Authorization: List of unaccredited foreign degree suppliers] ]


External links

* [ International University Vienna]
* [ Austrian accreditation council]

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