SM U-38

SM U-38

SM "U-38" was a German Type U 31 U-boat which operated in the Mediterranean Sea during World War I. It ended up being the third most successful u-boat participating in the war sinking 138 ships sunk for a total of 299.985 tons.

Its longest serving captain was Max Valentiner, who was awarded the Pour le Mérite during command on "U-38" and responsible for the sinking of SS Persia on December 30, 1915 where he broke international law, Rules of Prize Warfare, and sunk it without warning. The ship sank in five to ten minutes, killing 343 of the 519 aboard.

Later Admiral and head of the Abwehr from 1935 to 1944 Wilhelm Canaris took over from Max Valentiner on "U-38".


After World War I ended, "U-38" was surrendered to France and docked in Brest in 1919 and then broken up.


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