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Origin = Thailand
Genre = Alternative rock
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Years_active = 1996—Present
Label = Genie Records
Tata Records
Easternsky Records
URL = [ TATAMAG] (Thai)
Current_members = Ittipong Kridakorn Na Ayudhaya
Chakrapong Siririn
Kajadphai Karnchanapar
Saittaporn Kridakorn Na Ayadhaya Charnnarong Wangyen
Nattha Kamolrattanakul
Past_members = Porapat Cheeweewat

Paradox is a Thai famous rock band founded in 1996 while they were studying in Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University. They're famous as a unique live band in Thailand.


*Ittipong Kridakorn Na Ayudhaya (อิทธิพงศ์ กฤดากร ณ อยุธยา) (Ta) Vocal/Guitarist
*Chakrapong Siririn (จักรพงษ์ สิริริน) (Song) Bassist
*Kajadphai Karnchanapar (ขจัดภัย กาญจนาภา) (Big) Guitarist
*Saittaporn Kridakorn Na Ayadhaya (เสรฐพร กฤดากร ณ อยุธยา) (Joey) Drummer
*Charnnarong Wangyen (ชาญณรงค์ วังเย็น) (Off) Screamer
*Nattha Kamolrattanakul (นัทธา กมลรัตนกุล) (Keng) Joker

Past member

*Porapat Cheeweewat (พรภัฏ ชีวีวัฒน์) (Note) Drummer


Former Period

In computer class, Ittipong Kridakorn Na Ayudhaya or Ta (อิทธิพงศ์ กฤดากร ณ อยุธยา), a student from Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University, who wanted to join university activities as a freshy by having band asked Chakrapong Siririn (จักรพงษ์ สิริริน) or Song, from the same faculty, to join him as a bassist. Both were influenced by Modern Dog, one of the most front alternative band at that time. They went to Modern Dog concert held at Faculty of Communication arts and have met the first drummer Porapat Cheeweewat (พรภัฏ ชีวีวัฒน์) or Note.

Firstly, they used "หอยจ๊อ" Hoy Jor" as band name and sent their demo to Easternsky Records, an indy records. In only one day, their demo has been accepted by a condition to changed their name brand to be more universal -Paradox-

Lunatic Planet

With their individual style, the first album "Lunatic Planet" released in 1996 was so famous among indy listeners. At that time, Note had introduced Kajadphai Karnchanapar (ขจัดภัย กาญจนาภา) or Big to be another member as another guitarist.

After Easternsky Records has been closed, also Note had to moved to USA after his marriage and work, Paradox had to stop their activities as a band for a year. They made their first indy album "แมลงวันเสปน" Ma Leang Wan Spain "(Spanish Fly)" in limited 1,000 cassette selling in university using Tata Records, founded by Ta, as a label. "Paradox & My Friends", another indy album which included neighbor band's works in B side of the cassette. All of works in indy albums were recorded in Ta's bedroom.

Another Big Step

Not so long, they have another chance to work out for "ท่ามกลาง" Tam Glang (Among)" project "Intro 2000", various artist album from various artist from Genies Records which is encompassed in GMM Grammy, the largest record label and entertainment company in Thailand. They were asked to sign the contract to be Genies Records after that.

Since they have not enough member to run the band, Ta had invited Saittaporn Kridakorn Na Ayadhaya (เสรฐพร กฤดากร ณ อยุธยา) or Joey, his relative who was also their temporary drummer, to officially become a member as a drummer. And Ta also invited Charnnarong Wangyen (ชาญณรงค์ วังเย็น) (Off) to be a Screamer and the last one Nattha Kamolrattanakul (นัทธา กมลรัตนกุล) or Keng to be a Joker whose became entertainers in Paradox Live performance.


In 2000 during, Summer, their 2nd album was released. Paradox became successfully famous by their unique style of music. Such as น้องเปิ้ล "Nong Ple", Their debut song, ร.ด. Dance "Ror Dor Dance" (Military Dance) or ฤดูร้อน "Ru Du Ron" (Summer), which is their forever hit from time to time.

Paradox has stop themselves in indy world by releasing " แค้นผีนรก "Khean Phee Na Rok" (Hell Ghost Revenge) in 2000, after Summer has released.

From their success in Summer, "On The Beach",special album has been released. This album contains acoustic version from Lunatic Planet and Summer and 2 special tracks, ดาว "Dao" (Stars) สงสัย "Song Sai" (Curiosity) which also be their famous hit songs, especially ดาว "Dao" (Stars) has been remade by many artist from time to time.

2 years later, 3rd album "On The Rainbow" was released. Their style changed a bit by using soften sound and more beautiful melodies such as รุ้ง "Rung" (Rainbow) and เศษ "Set" (Pieces),beautiful ballad, or ไฟ "Fai" (Fire), for speedy song. Unfortunately that this album was not so much successful as Summer.

First Concert

Still, Paradox has been one of fronted rock band in Thailand that their first own concert has been held in 2003 by Fat Radio named Fat Live 4 : The Paradox Circus, the full name of the concert. This concert held at Indoor Stadium Huamark in March, 26 2003. They also used this concert for next album grand opening named Free Style by performing first promotional single from this album "Sexy"

Their 4th album Free Style, They have remade นักมายากล "Nak Ma Ya Kol" (The magician), the hit song from the 1st album Lunatic Planet.

In the same year, Paradox join Little Rock Project, special project with other band from the same labels, for instance Clash ABNormal, Kala, to cover Micro, a Thai legendary rock band, in "Rock Size S Concert in Freedom Sunday" at Impact Arena Mueang Thong Thani.



Studio Albums

* 1996 : Lunatic Planet
* 2000 : Summer
* 2002 : On The Rainbow
* 2003 : Free Style
* 2006 : X (Ten Years After)

Indy Albums

* 1997 : แมลงวันเสปน "Ma Leang Wan Spain"(Spanish Fly)
* 1998 : PARADOX & My Friends
* 2000 : แค้นผีนรก "Khean Phee Na Rok" (Hell Ghost Revenge)

Live Album

* 2003 : Fat Live 4 : The Paradox Circus


* 2004 : Hit Me

pecial Albums

* 2001 : On The Beach
* 2007 : Paradox In Paradise

Home videos

* 2003 : Pattaya Music Festival2003 Vol. 4
* 2003 : Fat Live 4 : The Paradox Circus
* 2004 : Rock Size S Concert in Freedom Sunday


* 2007 : บันทึกลึกลับ Paradox X "Ban Teuk Leuk Lab Paradox X"(Mystery Note of Paradox X)


* 2004 Best Hit Music of the year, FAT AWARD#2 - ขอ "Khor" from Free Style [ Siam Zone. Fat Awards #2 results] April,16 2004. (Thai only)]
* 2004 Best Hook of the year, FAT AWARD#2 - ขอ "Khor" from Free Style
* 2007 Best Artist of the year, FAT AWARD#5 [ [ Siam Zone. Fat Awards #5 results] March, 9 2007. (Thai only)]


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