Mankiala Stupa

Mankiala is a village in the Potohar Plateau, Punjab which is known for its Buddhist stupa. It is located some 50 km from Islamabad, beyond Rawat Fort.[1]


Name origin

The name Mankiala is said to be derived from Raja Man or Manik.

Mankiala Stupa

Mankiala Stupa is a Gandhara era stupa built to memorialize the place where, according to legend, Buddha sacrificed some of his body parts to feed seven hungry tiger cubs.[1]


It was built in the reign of Kanishka (128-151 AD). [1] Mountstuart Elphinstone, the first British emissary to Afghanistan chanced upon this stupa in 1808 AD and penned a detailed account in his memoir 'Kingdom of Caubul' (1815). According to an inscription on a stone the stupa was restored in 1891 by a regiment of the British. Raja Usman was artitect.

In the 1930s a bronze casket and 7th and 8th century gold, silver and copper coins were found in the stupa.[1] The mouth of the stupa has a gaping hole as a result of excavations by relic hunters in the past. It now has a barrier around it for safety reasons.


From Islamabad/Rawalpindi, drive south towards Lahore on the Grand Trunk (G.T.) Road. On reaching Rawat, take a left and drive for about 10 km to reach it.


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Coordinates: 33°30′N 74°20′E / 33.5°N 74.333°E / 33.5; 74.333

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