Joseph Desler Costa

Joseph Desler Costa is a musician and visual artist born in 1972 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Costa is a member of the indie group L'Altra and records as a solo artist under the name Costa Music. Costa has released records with Aesthetics, Hefty, Is Collage Collective and Stilll Records.Costa's photographic work has been exhibited in various art spaces, magazines and web publications. Costa currently lives in Tuscany, Italy and New York City.


*Costa Music, 'Lighter Subjects' Stilll Records 2008

*Costa Music, 'Lighter Subjects' Is Collage Collective(JAPAN) 2007

*L'Altra, 'Different Days' Hefty Records 2005

*L'Altra, 'Bring On Happiness EP' Hefty Records 2005

*Costa/Hellner, 'PLAY' Original Score L'Avventura Films 2005

*L'Altra, 'In The Afternoon' Aesthetics 2002

*L'Altra, 'Ouletta 7"' Aesthetics 2002

*L'Altra, 'Music of a Sinking Occasion' Aesthetics 2000

*L'Altra, 'S/T EP' Aesthetics 1999

Tracks Appear On:

*Yeti One Yeti Publishing LLC 2000

*Compiled Aesthetics 2001

*Domino 2001 Ancienne Belgique 2001

*POPvolume#2 POPnews 2001

*VPRO De Avonden XMAS 2001 Amekbelevchrist VPRO 2001

*Acuarela Songs 2 Acuarela Discos 2003

*Sampler 3 Hang Up 2003

*Hefty 10 Digest + Prefuse73Mixtape Hefty Records 2006

*Hefty 10th Anniversary Hefty Records 2006

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