Young (surname)

Young is an English, Irish, and Scottish surname, and may refer to:


*Ace Young, singer and "American Idol" (Season 5) finalist from Colorado, USA
*Adrian Young, member of the band No Doubt
*Adrienne Young, singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee, USA
*Al Young, poet (1939–)
*Alan Young, actor in "Mister Ed"
*Alex Young (footballer), Scottish football player
*Alfred Young (1873-1940), English mathematician
*Alse Young (d. 1647), alleged witch
*Ammi B. Young, American architect
*Andre Young, known as Dr. Dre, rapper/hiphop producer
*Andrew Young, activist in the Civil Rights movement
*Andrew Young (poet), Scottish poet
*Angus Young, lead guitarist of the Australian band AC/DC
*Annabel Young, New Zealand politician
*Anne Young, Australian author
*Anthony Young, Baron Young of Norwood Green
*Anthony Young (baseball player), baseball player
*Arthur Young, writer
*Arthur Young, English policeman
*Ashley Young, English football player


*Barbara Young, Baroness Young of Old Scone
* Barbara Young, founder of the Arrowsmith School
*Bellamy Young, television actress
*Bill Young, Florida congressman
*Bill Young (footballer)
*Bill Young (New Zealand), New Zealand politician
*Bob Young, CEO of Red Hat
*Bradley Young, cricketer
*Brian Young, member of Fountains of Wayne
*Brigham Young, second President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
*Bryan Young, cricketer
*Bryant Young, American football player
*Burt Young, American actor


*Carey Young, artist
*Cathy Young, writer
*Charles Augustus Young, astronomer
*Charlie Young, singer and actress from Hong Kong
*Chris Young (actor), a film and television actor
*Chris Young (American football)
*Chris Young (baseball starting pitcher), starting pitcher for the San Diego Padres
*Chris Young (baseball outfielder), center field prospect for the Arizona Diamondbacks
*Chris Young (musician), country music singer and "Nashville Star" winner
*Christopher Young, film and television composer
*Coleman Young, a former mayor of Detroit
*Colville Young, Governor General of Belize
*Cy Young, major league baseball pitcher with most wins
*Cy Young (animator), animator


*Danny Young, American basketball player
*Danny Young (actor), UK actor
*Danny Young (baseball), American baseball player
*David Young, Baron Young of Graffham
*Dean Young (cartoonist)
*Dean Young (rugby league footballer)
*Dean Young (poet)
*Delmon Young, baseball player
*Dmitri Young, baseball player
*Don Young, Alaskan politician
*Donald Young, baseball player
*Donald Young (tennis player)
*Doug Young, Canadian politician
*Doug Young (hockey player), former ice hockey defenceman
*Duncan Young, Australian actor


*Ed Young (illustrator)
*Ed Young Sr., pastor
*Ed Young Jr., pastor
*Edward Young, poet (1683 - 1765)


*Faron Young (1932—1996), American country music singer


*Graham Frederick Young, British serial killer (1947-1990)
*G M Young, historian (1882-1959)


*H. K. Young, American college basketball coach
*H. Olin Young (1850-1917), U.S. politician from Michigan


*Iris Marion Young, Political Theorist


*James Young, chemist (1811-1883)
*James Kanehoa Young, translator and Hawaii politician (1797 -1851)
*James H. Young, politician (1860-1921)
*Jesse Colin Young, singer
*John Chin Young (1909-1997), American/Hawaiian artist
*John Young, Baron Lisgar, Governor General of Canada
*John Paul Young, Australian singer
*John W. Young, astronaut
*John Zachary Young, anatomy professor and author
*Johnny Young, entertainer
*Joseph Young, brother of Brigham Young


*Katherine Young, world's oldest Internet user


*La Monte Young, musician
*Lee Thompson Young, actor
*Lester Young, musician
*Lonnie Young, American football player
*Loretta Young, actress
*Luke Young (footballer), English footballer


*Malcolm Young, rhythm guitarist of the Australian band AC/DC
*Mark Aitchison Young, the 21st governor of Hong Kong


*Ned Young, sailor (1766–1800)
*Neil Young, musician


*Owen D. Young, founder of RCA and diplomat; "Time" Man of the Year for 1929
*Oliver Young, the new Frosties kid.


*Paul Young (disambiguation), several


*R. Michael Young, a politician in Indiana, USA
*Robert Young (disambiguation), several
*Roger Young (1942–), US film and TV director
*Ryan Young, American football player

*Scott Young, Canadian sportswriter and novelist
*Scott Young (footballer), Welsh footballer
*Scott Young (ice hockey), American ice hockey player
*Sean Young, American actress
*Simone Young, Australian conductor
*Steve Young (American football), NFL player
*Stuart Young (1934-1986), Chairman of the BBC from 1983–1986


*Tata Young, singer and actress
*Thaddeus Young (born 1988), American basketball player
*Thomas Young (clergyman) (16th century)
*Thomas Young (scientist) (1773-1829)
*Tim Young (basketball)
*Tim Young (ice hockey)
*Tim Young (MLB pitcher)] , Major League Baseball pitcher


*Victor Young, composer (1900-1956)
*Vince Young, American football player
*Virginia S. Young, American politician (1917-1994)


*W. J. Young, Irish businessman
*William J. Young (coach), American college basketball & football coach
*Will Young, winner of "Pop Idol" and contestant in "World Idol"'
*William Henry Young, mathematician (1863-1942)


*Young Baronets, Baronets of the UK in the surname of Young

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