Legislative Branch of Colombia

Legislative Branch of Colombia

The Legislative Branch of Government in Colombia is one of the three branches of the government of Colombia under the Constitutional provision of separation of powers. The legislative branch of government is represented by the Congress of Colombia, which is formed by the Senate of Colombia and the Chamber of Representatives. Both houses of Congress are further subdivided into commissions (committees) and "sub commissions" to discuss determined subjects.cite web | title = Rama legislativa | publisher = La Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango del Banco | url = http://www.lablaa.org/blaavirtual/ayudadetareas/poli/poli75.htm | language = Spanish | accessdate = 2007-11-14]

Every Department of Colombia also has a local Congress or "Department Assembly" (Asamblea Departamental) which represents the legislative the legislative branch of government at this level. The next level of government are the city councils, present in all Municipalities of Colombia.


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