List of British Chinese people

This article is a list of prominent people of Chinese ancestry who were born in or have settled in the United Kingdom.

Academia, science and technology

*Benjamin Chan, FRSA, high profile Information Library Professional and keyboardist for British Chinese indie band Big Yellow [ Visible Chinese Profile: Ben Chan,FRSA ] ]
*Red Chan, Assistant Professor of Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies in the University of Warwick [ [ Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies ] ]
*Stephen Chan, Professor of International Relations in the University of London, and foundation Dean of Law and Social Sciences at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) [ [ Stephen Chan ] ]
*Kevin Fong, a leading expert on space medicine and co-director of the Centre for Aviation Space and Extreme Environment Medicine (CASE Medicine)
*Ping Hua, research scientist and chair of the Chinese Association of Southampton [ [ Ping Hua] ]
*Zhanfang Cui, Professor of Chemical Engineering in the University of Oxford [ [ cui ] ]
*Huosheng Hu, Professor of Robotics in the University of Essex [ [ WELCOME TO H.Hu's Homepage ] ]
*Gene Kan, the late pioneer of the file-sharing application, Gnutella, was originally from the UK
*Helen Lee, scientist and inventor [ [ Helen Lee] ]
*Henry Lee, scientific advisor, Chinese medicine [ [ Dr Henry Lee] ]
*Siu Fan Lee, sociologist and teacher [ [ Siu Fan Lee] ]
*Liu Hong (刘宏), Chair of Chinese Studies and Professor of East Asian Studies; Director of Centre for Chinese Studies and Confucius Institute, University of Manchester [ [ Professor Hong Liu] ]
*Pei Feng Su, sociologist and animal activist [ [ Pei Feng Su] ]
*Swee Lay Thein, Professor of Molecular Haematology in the King's College London School of Medicine and Dentistry at Guy's, King's and St Thomas' Hospitals [ [ BloodMed - General Section ] ]
*Ian Wong, Professor of Paediatric Medicines Research, Director of Centre for Paediatric Pharmacy Research, The School of Pharmacy, University of London [ [ The School of Pharmacy: Professor Ian Wong ] ]
*John Wong, Head of the School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Portsmouth [ [,5321,en.html Staff | Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences | University of Portsmouth ] ]
*Gregory Lee (利大英), First Vice-President (Deputy Vice-Chancellor), Lyon University, France; Professor of Chinese and Transcultural Studies; Director, International Institute for Diasporic and Transcultural Studies, Lyon University - Liverpool Hope University (Director, "Chinatown Project"); Editor, trilingual journal "Transtext(e)s Transcultures" [ [ Transtext(e)s Transcultures - Accueil ] ] [ [ Gregory B. Lee ] ]
*Teck Keong Khong (孔德强), Leicester GP and forensic physician for Northamptonshire Police; Chairman of Leicestershire Health Consortium, [ [ HealthWebWide ] ] parliamentary candidate for the Conservative Party and contested Bradford North in 2005 [ [ main ] ]

Art, design and fashion

*Naomi Campbell, Afro-Caribbean model with Chinese descent through her paternal grandmother of Chinese Jamaican ancestry (family name Ming).
*Valerie Chang, curator
*Cindy Chen, photographer and publisher [ [ Scarlet Cheek] ]
*Christine Chin, Chinese Officer at Victoria and Albert Museum
*Jimmy Choo OBE, shoe designer
*Kai Z Feng, fashion photographer [zh icon]
*Lee Fulton, chair of Chinatown Arts Space [ [ Welcome to Chinatown Arts Space News ] ]
*Eve Lee, graphic designer and art director [ [] ]
*Chris Liu, fashion designer
*Grace Lau, photographer
*Florence Qiu, founder, Sino-Anglo Cultural Exchange Association [ [ Florence Qiu] ]
*Qu Lei Lei, artist and calligrapher [ [ Qu Lei Lei] ]
*Tommy Ga-Ken Wan, photographer, (half-Chinese) [ [ Tommy Ga-Ken Wan, Photography ] ]
*Gok Wan, fashion stylist (half-Chinese)
*Susie Wong, founder of the Chinese Cultural Centre
*Betty Yau, manager of Asia House, founder of Chinese News & Entertainment TV, now part of Phoenix Television
*Maggie Tran, artist


*Philomena Chen, international business woman [ [ Philomena Chen] ]
*Lee Fulton, independent management consultant [ [ Lee Fulton] ]
*Juanita Hamblin, retailer [ [ Juanita Hamblin] ]
*Christopher Hohn, (half-Chinese Jamaican on mother's side) - financier, hedge fund manager and Britain's top philanthropist [ [ The philanthropy of Chris Hohn] Diane Abbott, Sunday, June 29, 2008]
*Johnny Sei-Hoe Hon, Honorary Consul of Grenada in Hong Kong and Chairman of the Global Group of Companies [ [ Johnny Hon] ]
*Ching He-Huang, TV chef, author and 'foodie entrepreneur'
*David Tang KBE, entrepreneur and founder of the designer label Shanghai Tang
*Stanley Tse, Group Chairman of Seewoo Groups
*Joseph Wan, chief executive of Harvey Nichols [ [ Wan hell of a guy] 25 September 2006] [ [ Directors] ]
*Michael Wang, Chief Representative and Manager of the China-Britain Business Council [ [ Michael Wang] ]
*Janice Wang, runs Alvanon Products, a global business making mannequins for the fashion industry.
*Alan Yau OBE, a restaurateur and started Wagamama
*W. Wing Yip, chairman of Wing Yip supermarket chain [ [ Wing Yip] ]

Charity, community & voluntary sectors

*Joseph Au, founder of UK Federation of Chinese Schools
*Shun Au OBE, Chair and founder of the Chinese Mental Health Association
*Katy Tse Blair, founder of the Islington Chinese Association [ [ Islington Chinese Association ] ] and Women's Officer of Chinese for Labour [ ::Welcome to Chinese for Labour :: ] ]
*Josephine Chan MBE, founder of the Greenwich Chinese Community School
*Anne Chau, chairman, Glasgow Chinese Women's Group [ [ Anne Chau] ]
*Irene Chu, established the Birmingham Chinese Society [ [ Irene Chu] ]
*Jia-Jin He, former vice president of the London Chinatown Chinese Association [ [ BBC NEWS | England | Fake DVDs 'fund' people smuggling ] ]
*Dalton Leong, Chief Executive of The Shooting Star Children's Hospice [ [ 7099_PL_12pg_SRA1_A4 ] ]
*K H Li, leader of the Youth Orchestra at the Pagoda Chinese Community Centre in Liverpool [ [ K H Li] ]
*Li Quan, founder of Save China's Tigers [ [ Li Quan] ]
*William Ong, founder of The Pearl Foundation [ [ The Pearl Foundation ] ] and The Pearl Awards [ [ The Pearl Foundation : The Pearl Awards 2007 ] ] .
*David Tan, Chinese Liaison Officer (Westminster Council) [ [ David Tan] ]
*David Wong, founder of BBC Radio Manchester Eastern Horizon Chinese Programme
*Sarah Yeh, founder of [ [ Sarah Yeh] ]
*Joanna Nim Heung Yeung, community learning officer [ [ Joanna Nim Heung Yeung] Visible Chinese] [ [ Joanna Nim Heung Yeung] Pearl Awards]

Entertainment and media

Film, actors and directors

*Anna Chen, comedian, writer and performer [ Anna Chen - Writer and performer ] ] . The first British Chinese comic to take a show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Suzy Wrong, Human Cannon, 1994), and the first to appear on British TV (BBC2 Fist of Fun).
*Kwai Chi, actor
*John Foo, actor and Wushu master
*Mona Hammond OBE, Chinese Jamaican actress and co-founder of the Talawa Theatre Company.
*Jo Ho, screen writer and film director [ [ Jo Ho] ]
*Sandrine Holt, actor (half-Chinese)
*Paul Hyu, actor, comedian, Chinese Elvis [ [ Paul Hyu] ]
*Burt Kwouk, actor
*Pik-Sen Lim, actor
*Pui Fan Lee, actor
*Robert Lee, actor
*Katie Leung, actor
*Kwong Loke, actor [ [ Kwong Loke] ]
*Jonathan Man, theatre director
*Jane March, actor (quarter-Chinese)
*Max Minghella, actor (half-Chinese)
*Lab Ky Mo, film director [ [ Lab Ky Mo Nine Dead Gay Guys, Interview with Lab Ky Mo, director of Nine Dead Gay Guys ] ]
*Veronica Needa, actor [ [ Veronic Needa] ]
*Carl Ng, actor (half-Chinese)
*Richard Ng, actor
*Papillon Soo Soo, actor and model
*Bill Sung, film director
*Wah-Yin Rixon, film examiner for British Board of Film Classification [ [ Wah-Yin Rixon] ]
* [ David Tse] , actor and theatre director [ [ David Tse ] ]
*Tom Wu, actor, movement director [ [ Tom Wu] ]
*Wu Yanmei (MeiMei), actress, dancer & musician [ [ Wu Yanmei] ]
*Benedict Wong, actor
*David Yip, actor


*Woon Chee Cheng, News Editor at TVB Europe
*Michelle Fleury, business reporter at BBC News
*Alego Poon, editor, Singtao Newspaper European Edition
*Mark Tran, executive business editor at Guardian Unlimited
*Nancy Wong, UK chief correspondent of Ta Kung Pao
*Xinran Xue, broadcaster, author and founder of Mother's Bridge of Love charity [ [ Xinran Xue] ]
*Lifen Zhang, editor at
*Davidine Siaw Voon Sim, editor at Chinatown - The Magazine and author []

ingers and musicians

*Mutya Buena, singer-songwriter (quarter Chinese)
*Benjamin Chan, FRSA, keyboardist for British Chinese indie band Big Yellow
*Sarah Chi Shang Liew, Chi2, musician/composer [ chi2 ] ]
*Liz Chi Yen Liew, Chi2, musician/composer
*Vince Chong, singer-songwriter
*Kimho Ip, composer, creative producer, conductor [ [ Dr Kimho Ip] ]
*Jason Lai, musician
*Eric Lau, music producer [ [ Eric Lau] ]
*Herman Li, guitarist for heavy metal band DragonForce
*Jiang Li, composer [ [ - Jiang Li - Chinese Composer - UK - Autre / Folk / Expérimentale - ] ]
*Rex Liu, bassoonist
*Jason Lo, music artist, music producer, DJ and entrepreneur
*Vanessa Mae, violinist, half-Chinese
*Matt Tong, drummer of Bloc Party, half-Chinese
*KT Tunstall, singer-songwriter, quarter-Chinese
*Reuben Wu, member of Ladytron
*Cheng Yu, musician [ [ Cheng Yu] ]
*Andy Scott-Lee, former boyband member, "Pop Idol" contestant, and younger brother of the Lisa Scott-Lee
*Lisa Scott-Lee, singer (eighth-Chinese). Her great grandfather Chan Chin Lee settled in Liverpool in 1911.
*Nick Kay, vocalist and bass player for indie rock band Big Yellow [ [ - Big Yellow - London - Indie / Pop / Rock - ] ]
*Gay-Yee Westerhoff, cellist
*Rebecca Yang Yuan-Cao, media producer [ [ Rebecca Yang] ]
*Ozzie Yue (born Austin J. Yue in 1947), actor, guitarist and singer
*Nancy Yuen, singer


*Anna Chen, radio presenter [ [ BBC - Radio 4 - Chinese in Britain ] ]
*Christie Cheong, TV and radio presenter
*Yin King Chiu, TV and radio presenter
*Alexa Chung, TV presenter, model (half-Chinese)
*Pui Fan Lee, children's TV presenter
*Jasmine Lowson, TV presenter
*Raymond Mo, TV and radio presenter
*Gabrielle Richens, born from British, Indian and Chinese descent although her parents are from South Africa
*Sarah Tan, Channel V VJ and model
*Ziya Tong, TV presenter and producer
*Joseph Wu, TV and radio presenter


*Andrew Hung, restaurateur [ [ Andrew Hung] ]
*Deh-ta Hsiung, author, chef, cookery tutor, food and wine consultant, and director [ [ Chinese at Table, the web site of Deh-ta Hsiung, author and consultant ] ]
*Ching He Huang, chef and TV presenter
*Nancy Lam, restaurateur and cook
*Willian "Bill" Poon, master chef & restaurateur [ [ Bill Poon] ]
*Helen Tse, restaurateur
*Alan Yau, restaurateur
*Christine Yau, restaurateur of "Y-Ming" [ [ Christine Yau] ]


*Bobby Chan, lawyer and civil rights campaigner
*Merlene Emerson, solicitor and co-founder of Chinese Liberal Democrats [ Merlene Emerson] ]
*Christine Lee, prominent immigration lawyer in the Chinese community [ [ Christine Lee & Co (Solicitors) Ltd » Directors ] ]
*Leonard Ng, solicitor and musician [ [ Leonard Ng] ] [ [ Leonard Ng] ]
*Louise Wong, youngest qualified solicitor to be admitted onto the Roll of Solicitors of the Supreme Court [ [ Louise Wong] ]
*Lincoln Tsang, life sciences industry lawyer [ [ Arnold & Porter LLP - Lincoln Tsang ] ]



*Tash Aw, writer
*Jung Chang, author
*Leslie Charteris, author and screenwriter, best known for the books chronicling the adventures of Simon Templar, alias "The Saint."
*Timothy Mo, author
*Ma Jian, writer
*Helen Tse, author
*Yang-May Ooi, writer specialising in cross-cultural matters and social media [ [ Yang-May Ooi] ]
*Xiaolu Guo, author
*Chiang Yee, author of the popular "Silent Traveller" books in London, Oxford, Edinburgh and the Lakelands that cast a humorous Chinese gaze on British life.


*Anna Chen, theatre and radio
*Benjamin Yeoh, playwright
*Hsiung Shih-I, became the first Chinese to write and direct a West End play with his 1935 adaptation of the popular Chinese story "Lady Precious Stream" which ran for 1000 nights in London to glowing reviews, was revived several times during the war and soon became a staple of repertory and school productions. [ [ BBC - Radio 4 - Chinese in Britain ] ]


*Stephen Ng, poet and founder of the Islington Chinese Association [ [ staff ] ]
*Li Yan, poet and former editor of "SiYu" (Chinese Times)


*Michael Chan, Baron Chan, physician and member of the House of Lords
*Thomas Chan, Redbridge councillor [ [ Final Document.Indd ] ]
*Samuel Chinque (Chen Tian Sheng), co-founder of the London branch of China's Xinhua News Agency [ [,7369,1375802,00.html Guardian obituary] ]
*Chit Chong, first Green Councillor to be elected in London
*Lydia Dunn, Baroness Dunn, deputy chairman and senior non-executive director of HSBC (since 1992)
*Merlene Emerson, solicitor and co-founder of Chinese Liberal Democrats
*Jabez Lam, civil rights activist
*Anna Lo, social worker and Alliance Party Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) of Northern Ireland
*Mang Ping, animal welfare campaigner [ [ Mang Ping] ]
*Ashton McGregor, former Labour councillor in Limehouse, Tower Hamlets Council and Vice Chair of Chinese for Labour
*Mee Ling Ng, former Labour deputy leader of Lewisham council and Chair of Chinese for Labour [ [ Mee Ling Ng] ]
*Stephen Shing, East Sussex county and local councillor [ [ Councillor Stephen Shing ] ] [ [ Councillor Stephen Shing ] ]
*Simon Tan, executive member of Chinese for Labour
*Edmond Yeo, Ealing councillor [ [ Councillor Edmond Yeo ] ] [ [ Councillor Edmond Yeo ] ] [ [ The Pearl Awards ] ]



*Alex Hua Tian, Olympic event rider [ [ Eton schoolboy gallops toward Beijing Games] ]


*Sammy Chung, a former football player and manager, is half-Chinese
*Hong Y. "Frank" Soo, was an England wartime international and manager of mixed Chinese and English ancestry


*Alex Yoong, race car driver


*Rory Underwood and Tony Underwood, former rugby union players, are both brothers and half-Chinese


*John Ian Wing

Martial arts

*Wang Haijun, Taiji Competitor and Instructor [ [ Wang Haijun] ]

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External links

* [ Visible Chinese] - A Guide to Achievers in UK Chinese Culture
* [ The Pearl Awards Foundation] , contains profiles of finalists and winners for 2004-2007

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