The Colour of Magic (video game)

The Colour of Magic (video game)

Infobox VG
title = The Colour of Magic

developer = Delta 4
publisher = Piranha Games
designer =
engine =
released = 1986
genre = Text adventure
modes = Single-player
ratings =
platforms = ZX Spectrum
Amstrad CPC
Commodore 64
media = Cassette
requirements = 48K RAM (Spectrum)
64K RAM (CPC, C64)
input = Keyboard

"The Colour of Magic" is a text adventure game developed by Delta 4 and published by Piranha Games in 1986. It was released for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, and Commodore 64 computers. It is the first Discworld computer game and so far the only one adapted directly from one of the novels, and follows the plot of the book closely.

It can be played on modern computers with the aid of an emulator, or on-line with a web browser.

In 2006 another video game based on "The Colour of Magic" was released on the mobile phones titled "". It is an isometric action game.

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* [ Playable version online - requires Java (Sun) ]
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