Flag Day

50th Day of the Flag of the Faroe Islands

A flag day is a flag-related holiday—either a day designated for flying a certain flag (such as a national flag), or a day set aside to celebrate a historical event such as a nation's adoption of its flag.

Flag days are usually codified in national statutes, however, in some countries a decree by the head of state can also order a flag day. The statute or decree may specify locations where flags are flown and how are they flown (for example, at full- or half-staff); alternatively, custom may prevail.[1]

Specific flag days

Country/Territory/Continent Date Details
 Afghanistan August 19 Independence day, 1919.
 Albania November 28 Independence day, 1912.
 Argentina June 20 Anniversary of the death of Manuel Belgrano, who created the current flag.
 Aruba March 18 Flag day. Adoption of the national flag on March 18, 1976.
 Australia September 3 Australian National Flag Day commemorates the first flying of the Australian National Flag in 1901.
 Azerbaijan November 9 Adoption of executive order on November 17, 2009.[2]
 Bolivia August 17 Flag Day in Bolivia. In conmemoration of the creation of the first national flag.
 Brazil November 19 Flag Day in Brazil, adopted in 1889
February 15
January 21[3][4]
National Flag of Canada Day commemorates adoption of the Canadian flag, Feb. 15, 1965.
Québec Flag Day[5] (French: Jour du Drapeau) commemorates the first flying of the flag of Quebec, January 21, 1948.
 Colombia July 20
August 7
Declaration of Independence (1810) (Celebrated as National Day)
Battle of Boyaca (1819)
 Curacao June 2 "Day of the National Anthem and flag" ("Dia di Himno i Bandera"). Adoption of the national flag on June 2, 1984.
 Denmark June 15 Anniversary of the "Battle of Valdemar" in 1219 at Lyndanisse, Estonia, when according to legend, the flag ("Dannebrog") fell from the sky. Also, the anniversary of the return of North Slesvig in 1920 to Denmark following the post-World War I plebiscite.
 Ecuador September 26 "Day of the National Flag" ("Dia de la Bandera Nacional"). Date when the tricolor Flag of Ecuador was reinstated in 1860, two days after the Battle of Guayaquil.
 England April 23 St George's Day. the national day of England.
 Estonia June 4 National Flag Day ("Eesti lipu päev"). Date when the Flag of Estonia was first consecrated in 1884.[6]
 European Union May 9 Europe Day commemorates the Schuman Declaration.
 Finland Midsummer's Day Day of Finland's flag ("Suomen lipun päivä" or "Finlands flaggas dag") celebrated annually since 1934.
 Faroe Islands April 25
 Greece October 27 "Ημέρα της σημαίας", (imera tis simeas), Day of the Flag
 Haiti May 18
 India December 7 Armed Forces Flag Day (Festival of the Tricolour) commemorate this day as an honour to the soldiers, airmen and sailors of India.
 Israel January 16 Magen David Day symbolizing the official adoption of the flag of Israel on this day.
 Italy January 7 Festa del tricolore (Festival of the Tricolour) commemorates adoption of the flag of Italy in 1797.
 Macedonia Every 1st and 15th day of each month. Ден на македонското знаме / Den na makedonskoto zname (Day of the Macedonian flag). Every 1st and 15th day of each month the flag is changed in special ceremony. This celebrates the adoption of the flag.[7]
 Mexico February 24
 Moldova April 27
 Norway May 17 Celebration of the Norwegian constitution, signed on May 17 in 1905. Now, the national day of Norway.
 Pakistan August 11 th The National Assembly adopted the Flag of Pakistan on this day.
 Peru June 7 Commemorates the anniversary of the Battle of Arica and the sacrifice of Alfonso Ugarte.
 Philippines May 28 Commemorates the day in 1898 when the flag was first carried into battle during the Philippine Revolution.
 Poland May 2 Holiday introduced in 2004. Commemorates raising the flag on Siegessäule during the battle of Berlin.
 Romania June 26 Holiday introduced in 1998. Celebrates the Decree no. 1 of the Wallachian Provisional Government, making the blue-yellow-red tricolour the national flag.
 Russian Federation August 22 Commemorates raising the flag of the contemporary design over the Russian Supreme Soviet building after a failed coup d'état attempt in 1991.
 Scotland November 30 St. Andrew's Day, the national day of Scotland.
 Sweden June 6 Day of the Swedish flag ("svenska flaggans dag") since late 19th century, also commemorated as National Day of Sweden since 1983.
 Turkmenistan February 19 Commemorates the adoption of the nation's first flag after gaining independence from the Soviet Union
 Ukraine August 23 National Flag Day ("День Державного прапора" ("Den Derzhavnoho prapora")) commemorates the day of the adoption of the Ukrainian flag.
 United States June 14 Flag Day Commemorates adoption of the U.S. flag, June 14, 1777.
 Åland Last Sunday of April Commemorates adoption of the Åland flag

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