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company_name = VLSI Design Lab, VNIT
foundation = 1997
location = VNIT, Nagpur, India
industry = Lab
homepage = [http://www.vnitnagpur.ac.in/vlsi/web_VNIT2.i/Mainpage.html/ www.vnitnagpur.ac.in/vlsi/web_VNIT2.i/Mainpage.html]

The VLSI Design Lab at Department of Electronics and Computer science, VNIT was set up in 1997. Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur, was one amongst the top 10 institutes apart from Indian Institutes of Technology, chosen for funding under SMDP (Special Manpower Development Program) in the field of VLSI.

The Design Lab has improved steadfastly since its inception and now boasts of well-established research facilities in the analog and digital domains, with the infrastructure comprising workstations with advanced configuration and support available for almost all the latest CAD tools from Cadence Design Systems, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics, Coware, etc.

The hardware setup consists of 8 million gates capacity FPGA boards from Xilinx supported on the hardware accelerator: IMAGE (obtained from Powai Labs) enabling faster simulation. IMAGE (I Made A Great Emulator) is a Simulation Accelerator and Emulator; the best in price-performance across the globe today.

Specialized instruments like the Spectrum Analyzer, Logic Analyzer, Vector Network Analyzer, etc are the ones that VNIT can boast of when alluding to the field of RF circuit characterization. The Lab is well networked and uses cluster computing for better performance. Equally interesting research work is being carried out in the field of Nanotechnology and work is in progress for setting up two Clean Rooms as part of the Lab.

Faculty involved with the Lab include distinguished personalities from the field of VLSI in India; Dr. W. S. Khokle (Ex-Director, CEERI, Pilani), Dr. R. M. Patrikar, Prof. R. B. Desmukh, Prof. K. D. Kulat and Dr. A. S. Gandhi.

Peoples working in the lab consist of Research Staff, Ph.D.candidates, PG students, many UG students and this number is still growing.

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* [http://www.vnitnagpur.ac.in/vlsi/web_VNIT2.i/Mainpage.html VLSI Design Lab, VNIT]

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