Willis (surname)

Willis, a variant of the name William, is a surname, and may refer to many people.


* Albert Sydney Willis
* Alicia Leigh Willis
* Allee Willis
* Amrit Kaur Willis
* Austin Willis
* Ashley Willis
* Avery T Willis Jr, American Missionary, Author


* Ben Willis
* Beth Willis
* Bill Willis
* Bob Willis, English cricketer
* Bobby Willis
* Brad Willis
* Browne Willis
* Bruce Willis, American actor known for his roles as David Addison in "Moonlighting" and John McClane in the "Die Hard" films


* Carol Willis
* Chris Willis
* Chuck Willis
* Connie Willis
* Craig Willis


* Dean Willis (Tabor High School Member)
* Dave Willis (several persons)
* David Willis, a webcomic artist
* Dinah Willis
* Dixie Willis, Australian middle distance runner
* Don Willis
* Dontrelle Willis, Major League pitcher for the Detroit Tigers
* Doug Willis


* Edwin B. Willis
* Edwin E. Willis
* Ellen Willis
* Eric Willis
* Errick Willis


* Felicity Willis
* Francesca Willis
* Francis Willis (1718-1807), physician
* Frank Wills
* Frank B. Willis


* Gaby Willis
* Gary Willis
* Geoff Willis
* Gerri Willis
* Gladys E. Willis
* Glen Willis, guitarist for Clubber Lang
* Gordon Willis


* Henry Willis
* Henry Parker Willis


* Ike Willis


* Jerome Willis
* Jim Willis
* John Willis
* John E. Willis, American astronomer


* Kelly Willis
* Kevin Willis


* Larry Willis


* Matt Willis
* Meredith Sue Willis


* Nathaniel Parker Willis
* Nick Willis
* Norman Willis


* Pam Willis
* Patrick Willis
* Paul Willis
* Pete Willis
* Phil Willis


* Ralph Willis
* Ray Willis
* Raymond E. Willis
* Richard Willis (composer)
* Richard Willis (spy)
* Richard Gardiner Willis
* Richard Raymond Willis
* Robert Willis (1800-1875), English scientist
* Robert Willis, 19th century writer on church architecture
* Robert Willis, dean of Canterbury since 2001
* Rosemary Willis
* Rumer Willis

* Sarah Willis
* Shane Willis


* Ted Willis
* Thomas Willis, 17th century pioneer in brain research


* Vic Willis
* Victor Willis


*Walt Willis
*Wesley Willis, Chicago artist and musician
*William Willis (Australian politician)
* Willis Jackson, fictional character played by Todd Bridges on the "Diff'rent Strokes" TV show
*Wincey Willis, weather forecaster on TVAM in Britain in the 1980s (AKA Bryony Willis)
* William Willis (1837–1894), a British physician
* William Willis (1897–1971), an adventurer
* William Willis (1841–1923), a British inventor
* William Willis (1794–1870), an American politician, Mayor of Portland, Maine, in 1857
*William Willis Garth (1828–1912), an American politician

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