Bishop of Raphoe (Church of Ireland)

Raphoe is a diocese in north west Ulster, Ireland corresponding to County Donegal. It is suffragan to the archdiocese of Armagh. The late medieval cathedral in Raphoe is dedicated to St. Eunan. There is a ruined bishop's palace.

Bishops to the Reformation

Bishops since the Reformation

* Cornelius O'Cahan (provided 1514)
* Art O'Gallagher (1547-1561)
* "unfilled by crown (1561-1604)"
* George Montgomery (1605-1609), became Bishop of Meath.
* Andrew Knox (1610-1633), translated from the Isles; restored the cathedral.
* John Leslie (1633-1661) translated from the Isles, then to Clogher, who had the palace built in 1636. He is known for his effective opposition to Cromwell.
* Robert Leslie (1661-1671, translated to Clogher.
* Ezekiel Hopkins (1671-1681), translated to Derry.
* William Smyth (1682-1693), translated from Killala.
* Alexander Cairncross (1693-1701), former Archbishop of Glasgow.
* Robert Huntington (1701), a noteworthy orientalist of English origin who had previously been Provost of Trinity College, Dublin.
* John Pooley (1702-1712), translated from Cloyne.
* Thomas Lindsay (1713-1714), tranlasted to Armagh.
* Edward Synge (1714-1716), translated to Tuam.
* Nicolas Foster (1716-1743), who built the tower.
* William Barnard (1744-1747), previously Dean of Rochester; translated to Derry.
* Philip Twysden (1747–1752), who was apparently shot dead while committing a robbery of a stagecoach in London. [cite web |url= |title=History : Raphoe Cathedral |date=1998-02-14 |accessdate=2007-09-03 |publisher=Kingmorrow Webpublishing ] . His only child Frances Twysden (1753-1821) [cite web |url= |title=Worldroots: Frances Twysden (1753-1821) |date= |accessdate=2008-01-11 |publisher=Worldroots ] [The Bishop was apparently in the habit of playing practical jokes on his house guests by holding them up (after removing the powder from their pistols. See this [ website] with a lecture by an Earl of Jersey.] [cite web |url= |title=Worldroots: Frances Twysden (1753-1821) |date= |accessdate=2008-01-11 |publisher=Worldroots ]
* Robert Downes (1752-1763), translated from Down.
* John Oswald (1763-1780), translated from Dromore.
* James Hawkins (1780-1807), translated from Dromore.
* Lord John George Beresford (1807-1819), translated from Cork; translated to Clogher.
* William Magee (1819-1822), translated to Dublin.
* William Bisset (1822-1834),

Following legislation in 1833 the Anglican diocese of Raphoe was merged with the Diocese of Derry.



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