William Kirkpatrick McNaught

William Kirkpatrick McNaught (September 6 1845 – 1919) was an Ontario manufacturer and political figure. He represented Toronto North in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1906 to 1914 as a Conservative member.

He was born in Fergus, Canada West, the son of John McNaught, a Scottish immigrant, and was educated in Brantford. He served in the militia during the time of the Fenian raids before continuing his studies at the Toronto Commercial College. He worked at a hardware store in Toronto and then apprenticed in jewelry and silverware wholesale before establishing a jewelry wholesale company with a partner. In 1873, he married Caroline Eliza Lugsden. McNaught later became president of the American Watch Glass Company of Toronto. He also served as president of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association and was president for the Canadian National Exhibition from 1901 to 1905. As well, McNaught served as a lieutenant in the militia.


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