List of Alpine four-thousanders

This list contains all of the 128 summits and subsidiary tops of convert|4000|m|ft|0|lk=on or more above sea level in the Alps in France, Italy and Switzerland as defined by the Union Internationale des Associations d'Alpinisme (UIAA)."The 4000ers of the Alps: Official UIAA List", UIAA-Bulletin Nr. 145, March 1994, published online as a PDF at [] Their list, published in 1994, contains 82 'official summits' of 4,000 m or over, with the inclusion of a further 46 'lesser summits' in an enlarged list.


Number of Alpine four-thousanders

Since no exact and formal definition of mountain exists, the number of 4000 metres summits is quite arbitrary. One can considers a stone, for instance, as a summit if it situated above this altitude. The topographic prominence is an important factor to decide the official nomination of a summit. The list proposed by the UIAA is based not only on the prominence but also on other critiria such as the morphology (general appearance) and alpinistic interest. Summits as Roccia Nera or Mont Blanc de Courmayeur have much less than the 30 metres minimum prominence criterion but are included on the list because of the other criteria. In comparison the official 8000 metres summit having the smallest prominence is the Lhotse with 610 metres. A minimum prominence criterion of 500 metres would reduce the number of Alpine four-thousanders to only 22.

The table below gives the number of four-thousanders in function of the minimum prominence.

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