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airdateUS= June 2, 2002
Episode -2=Lalah's Dilemma
Episode -1=Cosmic Glow
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Episode +1= Escape
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Space Fortress A Baoa Qu is the 42nd episode [] of "Mobile Suit Gundam".

Plot summary

Aboard a Federation Magellan ship, General Revil is about to greet Degwin Zabi when a giant heat ray engulfs them and vaporizes them instantly. Aboard the "Gwajin", Kycilia receives a report that the Solar Ray had been fired and that the "Great Degwin" was around that area. On "White Base", Fraw receives orders to attack Zeon through the ensuing confusion of radio communications.

At Zeon's fortress A Baoa Qu, Supreme Commander Gihren Zabi rallies his troops telling them that the Solar Ray destroyed half of the Federation Fleet. He urges his men to stand up to the future and finishes with the Zeon salute "Sieg Zeon!".

On "White Base" Bright questions whether they can take on Zeon with half of their forces eliminated. Amuro trusts his Newtype intuition saying they can still win the battle. Before Amuro, Kai, and Hayato leave the bridge for launching, Amuro sees Hayato and Fraw talking together. Once in the elevator, Kai asks Amuro whether what he said is true. Sayla tells him that Amuro just wanted to keep calm.

The remaining fleet begins its attack on A Baoa Qu. Public class ships fire massive missile barrages toward the fortress and its Gattle bombers. Scores of GMs and Balls engage Zeon's Zakus, Gelgoogs and Rick Doms. Ships on both sides are sunk. From the command center, Gihren is informed that the "Gwajin" has landed on A Baoa Qu. Char and Kycilia disembark and are transported on a shuttle. Kycilia orders him to pilot the new Zeong mobile suit, which operates like the Braw Bro. She tells him it's only 80% complete, something that preocuppies Char. Kycilia arrives at the command center to meet her brother. He indifferently tells her that nothing could be done about the "Great Degwin" and their father being on the Solar Ray's path. The battle continues and Gihren wonders whether his forces are defeating the Federation.

Char asks a technical officer why the Zeong is not 100% complete. Noticing that the Zeong has no legs, he's told by the officer that its legs are just for decoration in zero gravity and make no difference. The officer tells Char that the Zeong is designed for Newtypes, but can't guarantee a successful performance. Kycilia receives notice that the Federation has entered A Baoa Qu's perimeter, and orders Char to lead a squadron to intercept them. Char takes off on the Zeong, along with a squadron of Rick Doms. Once in battle, the squadron begins attacking and the Zeong easily destroys many ships. Amuro launches on the Gundam armed with two Hyper Bazookas and the beam rifle and starts destroying mobile suits that cross his path.

The "White Base" maneuvers hastily to avoid Char's path. Char searches for the Gundam's whereabouts. In the myriad of ships and mobile suits he finds the Gundam and shoots at it. Amuro avoids the mega particle blasts which came out of nowhere, but doesn't think it's Char.

At A Baoa Qu's command center, Kycilia asks if her father was aboard the "Great Degwin". Gihren confirms that their father "was" aboard the ship but that it couldn't be helped. Kycilia pulls her gun and shoots Gihren in the head. The bewildered solders are told by Kycilia that she's taking over command, that Gihren is guilty of treason, and that criminal charges can be filed against her once the battle is over. The soldiers praise Gihren's "death in combat". She asks on Char's status and is told he hasn't found the Gundam yet.

Out in battle, Hayato and Kai destroy Rick Doms and Zakus. Sayla destroys a Gelgoog. Bright orders her to stay close to the "White Base". Kycilia asks why the new Gelgoogs are performing so poorly, and she's told by the executive officer that many pilots are only cadets.

Char finds Amuro again and fires at him. Amuro dodges the attack by using a Zaku as a shield. He pulls his beam rifle and fires at the Zeong but Char dodges. Char realizes that the Zeong is not performing as it should but knows he will win because he's a Newtype.

Mobile Suits introduced

*MSN-02 Zeong


* [] episode 42 at MAHq.

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