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Adapting an ancient practice from the Land of Israel [] , some Conservative (as evidenced in the Etz Hayim chumash) and most ReformFact|date=October 2007, ReconstructionistFact|date=October 2007 and RenewalFact|date=October 2007 congregations have switched to a triennial cycle, where the first third of each parsha is read one year, the second third the next year and the final third in a third year. Additionally, there may be fewer than seven aliyot.

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*Synagogue Aliyah
*Aron kodesh
*Jewish services
*Torah scroll
*Partnership Minyan


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Further reading

* Gidon Rothstein, [ "Women’s Aliyyot in Contemporary Synagogues."] "Tradition" 39(2), Summer 2005.
* Joel B. Wolowelsky, [ "On Kohanim and Uncommon Aliyyot."] "Tradition" 39(2), Summer 2005

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