Shvetsov ASh-21

The Shvetsov ASh-21 is a 7-cylinder, air-cooled, single-row, radial, aero engine. The ASh-21 is basically one cylinder row of the Shvetsov ASh-82. The ASh-21 also incorporates a number of parts from the ASh-62 radial engine as well. Design began in 1945 and by 1947 testing had finished and production had began. Between 1947 and 1955 7,636 ASh-21 engines had been built in the USSR and beginning in 1952 it was produced in Czechoslovakia as the M-21.

pecifications (Shvetsov ASh-21)


type=7-cylinder, air-cooled, single-row, radial engine
bore=155.5mm (6.12in)
stroke=155mm (6.10in)
displacement=20.6 Liters (1,257 cu in)
weight=487kg (1,074lb)
supercharger=Single stage, single speed, geared centrifugal supercharger
*520 kW (700 hp) at 2,300 rpm takeoff power
*459 kW (615 hp) at 1,700 m (5,580 ft)
specpower=25.5 kW/L (0.56 hp/in³)
power/weight=1.07 kW/kg (0.65 hp/lb)


* Yak-11
* Yak-16
* Beriev Be-8
* Beriev Be-30



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