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A meteor, commonly called a shooting star and falling star, is the visible trace of a meteoroid as it enters the atmosphere. If it survives impact with the Earth's surface, then it is called a meteorite.

Meteorology, the study of weather, is cognate. Both words derive from the Greek μετέωρος, meteōros, which means "high in the air".

In geography

In the sciences

  • METeOR, an Australian information repository
  • Meteor goldfish, a rare variety of goldfish
  • Hydrometeor, a term which refers to any phenomenon water-vapor related which exists within the Earth's atmosphere due to condensation, precipitation, or being blown into the atmosphere by the wind
  • Meteoric water, water in the ground which originates from precipitation
  • METEOR (Metric for Evaluation of Translation with Explicit ORdering), a metric for the evaluation of machine translation output

In business

In space exploration

  • Meteor (rocket), a Polish meteorology rocket (1963–1974)
  • Meteor (satellite), three series of weather satellites of the Soviet Union, starting in 1969
  • METEOR (satellite), a NASA microgravity satellite which failed to reach orbit after its launch in 1995
  • CU Spaceflight#Meteor, a spacecraft recovery system being developed

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