List of people on stamps of Algeria

This is a list of people who have appeared on the postage stamps of Algeria.

Not counting overprinted French stamps, Marshal Pétain was the first to appear on regular issues in 1941. On semi-postals, René Caillé, Charles Lavigerie, and Henri Duveyrier appeared together on a set of stamps issued in 1939. This list is complete through April 28, 2005.

*Abd al Hamid Ben Badis (1979), sheik
*Saint Augustine (1954), Christian father
*Avicenna (1980), physician
*Mohammed Bachir el Ibrahimi (1981)
*Rabah Bitat (2004), politician
*Sheikh Bouamama (2001), revolutionary leader
*Mohammad Boudiaf (1992), president
*Houari Boumedienne (1979), president
*Thomas Robert Bugeaud (1950), marshal
*René Caillé (1939), French explorer
*Jean Colonna d'Ornano (1951), French officer
*Mohammed Dib (2000), writer
*Henri Duveyrier (1939), French explorer
*Franchet d'Esperey (1956), marshal
*Charles de Foucauld (1950), religious leader
*Ho Chi Minh (1973), Vietnamese leader
*Abd-el-Kader (1950, 1966, 1983), emir of Mascara
*Mustapha Kateb (2000), actor
*Ibn Khaldun (1983)
*François-Henry Laperrine (1950), French military officer
*Mustapha Larfaoui (2003), athlete
*Alphonse Laveran (1954)
*Charles Lavigerie (1939), French cardinal archbishop
*Jacques Leclerc (1956), marshal
*Vladimir Lenin (1970), Soviet leader
*Ali Maachi (2000), musician
*François Maillot (1954)
*Eugene Millon (1954)
*Cheikh Mokrani (2001), revolutionary leader
*Marshal Pétain (1941), Vichy ruler
*Mohamed Racim (2000), artist
*Ramses II (1964), Egyptian pharaoh
*Mohamed Temmam (2002), artist
*Moufdi Zakaria (1997), poet


*Scott catalogue

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