List of Arab world organizations

*Arab Leaguean organization that includes 22 members and 2 observers, and concentrates mainly on Political issues rather than Economical and Social ones.

*Gulf Cooperation Councila Minor Arab Organization, more concerned with the Economic Cooperation, it includes all Arab Persian gulf states except Iraq. Yemen and Iraq are both possible members of the Organization, 2010 was put as a deadline for using a unified Currency.other Major Economic Programs are underway.

*GAFTAGreater Arab free Trade Area, is a treaty made by several Arab countries to make an Arab Common Market. the treaty was signed on 1997, and is expected to take place by the beginning of 2008.

*Arab Maghrib Uniona minor Arab Organization that Includes, Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia] . the Organization was affected greatly in its sufficiency by the Western Sahara Conflict (SADR).

*Arab Monetary Fund
*Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
*Council of Arab Economic Unity
*Arab Chess Federation
*Arab organization for industrialization
*Pan Arab Games
*Arabic industrial development and mining organization
*Arab Parliament
*Arab Inter-parliamentary Union

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