Braindead 13

"Braindead 13" or "Brain Dead 13" is an Interactive movie game produced by ReadySoft that was released for DOS in 1995 and later ported to consoles in 1996. Unlike "Dragon's Lair" and "Space Ace", some of the first interactive movies which began as laserdiscs, it was released for PCs and game consoles only.

The main character is a young computer expert (Lance), who is called to fix a computer at a scary castle one day, finds himself in trouble, being chased around the castle by Fritz, a psychotic servant of Dr. Nero Neurosis, the main villain of the story and a disembodied brain. The player must control him in order to escape.

During gameplay exploration of the castle is freer than in most previous interactive games by showing crossroads. This leaves the route for finding the Brain Chamber up to the player.


Lance Galahad A computer repairman, likely in his early 20s, with long red hair and a baseball cap. Very laid-back and fast thinking. He is the "hero" of the game, and is controlled by the player. Voiced by Riccardo Durante.

Dr. Nero Neurosis The disembodied brain that plans to rule the world. Sends Fritz after Lance at the beginning of the game after he insults the mad doctor by calling him "average". Though he is the master of the castle Lance has very little interaction with him in the game, other than the beginning and end. Voiced by Dave Quesnelle.

Fritz A hunchbacked little imp with hooks for hands, and an impressive array of deadly gadgets (guns, knives, swords, axes, chainsaws, and other implements of death and destruction). His apparent lack of brains at his disposal doesn't prevent him from being a lethal adversary. Apart from running into him during the game, Lance will often fall victim to him if he tarries for too long in the castle. He is Dr. Neurosis' "pet" and tries diligently to follow all orders given to him. Voiced by Joe Giampapa, though Fritz doesn't even say a word of English.

Vivi An overly curvaceous vampire vixen with a Southern belle accent who runs a "funeral salon". It's generally an excuse for her to dismember or suck the blood of unwary or unwilling patrons. Lance will run across her at one point in the game. Her oversized cleavage and hips are done to comedic effect. Voiced by June Brown.

Moose A big, dumb, Frankenstein-like giant that spouts various sports phrases and wields a baseball bat and a football. Lance meets him once during the game. Voiced by Blayne L. Burnside.

Lance also comes across many other creatures out to kill him in the various dungeons, hallways, rooms, gardens, and labyrinths in the castle.

The death scenes are often rather violent, but over-the-top in its cartoony approach and very little bloodshed is actually shown. There are many, many ways to die in this game.

Like Dragon's Lair, many of the voices (if not all) were provided by various staff members of the game's production crew.

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