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Background = rapper, tv producer/host
Alias = Chinese King of the Bay (C.K.O.T.B.), Tizzle Twerk, T
Born = birth date and age|1985|3|26
Origin = Santa Rosa, California, United States
Instrument =
Genre = hip hop, hyphy, mobb music
Occupation = rapper, producer
Years_active = 1995 - present
Label = Unsigned (Major), Emcee T Records, ZTY BEATS, (ASCAP)
URL = [http://www.emceet.com www.emceet.com]
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Emcee T (born on March 26, 1985) is an American entrepreneur, hip hop rapper, music and video producer, and television programming host. The self-proclaimed "Chinese King of the Bay (C.K.O.T.B.)", Emcee T is gaining popularity in his backyard - the "Yay Area": San Jose, Daly City, Richmond, San Francisco and the East Bay.


Emcee T has worked (musically) with rap superstars Rappin' 4-Tay (Multi-platinum selling artist) and Ray Luv; both artists who have worked with and toured with Tupac Shakur (2Pac) and Bay Area legend, Mac Dre. More recent, Emcee T was in the studio working with Calvin Miller, the producer of Baby Huey's chart-topping "Pop Lock & Drop It" which received 50,000+ BDS radio spins.

Emcee T's self-produced debut album, UNDERESTIMATED is scheduled to drop second quarter of 2009; the album has been delayed due to the overwhelming response from his television show.

Emcee T's television show "Pushin' The Bay" appears on television screens in the Bay Area every 1st and 3rd Friday of every month @ 12-12:30am on Channel 26 & 28, and is co-hosted by Ray Luv. Bay Area / California artists featured on the show and interviewed by Emcee T include Chamillionaire, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, San Quinn, Mistah F.A.B., MC Hammer, Ray Luv, Mac Mall, Nuttso, Ant D.O.G., Ridah J. Klyde, and J-Diggs, to name a few.


To date, Emcee T has been involved with eight projects. They have been independent releases; Hard Headed: The Mixtape CD was released in October 2005. It had the sole purpose of promoting not only Emcee T, but T's entourage of Bay Area family / talent. With no promotion whatsoever, a single run of 2,500 units sold out with an additional 18,000 free downloads online.

*#*:* Emcee T - UNDERESTIMATED (2008) - To Be Released
*#*:* Emcee T - The C.K.O.T.B., T'z Early Yearz 1998-2006 (2007) - Internet, [http://rapidshare.com/files/72344220/Emcee_T_-_The_C.K.O.T.B.__T_z_Early_Yearz_-2007.zip Free Download]
*#*:* Emcee T - THE FACE SHOP Promo Mixtape (2007) - Limited, 200 copies only (Promotional)
*#*:* Various Artists - Vishus Entertainment Mixtape Vol. 2 (2007) - Limited, 500 copies only.
*#*:* Various Artists - Vishus Entertainment Mixtape Vol. 1 (2006) - Limited, 1,000 copies only.
*#*:* Emcee T - Hard Headed The Mixtape (2005) - Limited, 2,500 copies only.
*#*:* Emcee T - The Street Tape (2005) - Limited, 250 copies only.
*#*:* Emcee T - Hard Headed (2004) - Limited, 500 copies only.
*#*:* CB - North Bound (2002) - Limited, 250 copies only.
*#*:* CB - Ready 2 Pound (2001) - Limited, 250 copies only.
*#*:* CB - CB Sessions (1998) - Limited, 100 copies only.


* Emcee T owns four vehicles: a 2006 Rolls-Royce Phantom on 24" Wheels, a 2005 Porsche 911 Turbo S on 22" Wheels, a Volvo S70 T5 Special Edition, and an award-winning show ready Jetta with direct port nitrous.
* Emcee T owns a Honda 2004 Metropolitan (CHF50) Scooter signed by Mario & Marco Andretti.
* Emcee T played a small role in the original Fast and Furious (2000) movie.
* One of Emcee T's major sponsors includes Hpnotiq Liquor.
* Emcee T is featured on a West Oakland billboard for radio station 106.1 KMEL alongside Mary J. Blige, E-40, Kanye West & Alicia Keys, March 2008.
* Emcee T holds three educational degrees: a BA in Graphic Design from Cal State Hayward, a BS in Advertising and an MA in Architectural & Urban Design from San Jose State University.
* It’s alleged that Emcee T’s family tree consists of members with strong ties to the Tong (organization), a deep-rooted, organized crime syndicate based in both San Francisco and Oakland Chinatown. After a failed attempt at legitimate business, Emcee T's uncle fled the country to escape bloodshed and violence.


* [http://www.amoeba.com/blog/2007/11/jamoeblog/what-if-tony-soprano-lived-in-da-bay-and-not-nj-.html WHAT IF TONY SOPRANO LIVED IN DA BAY AND NOT NJ? Amoeba Records spotlight artist: Emcee T]
* [http://www.asiancemagazine.com/jul_2007/emcee_t_the_chinese_king_of_the_bay Asiance Magazine article / interview featuring Emcee T: Emcee T the Chinese King of the Bay (July 2007)]
* [http://boombap.cz/hiphop/hiphop-news/emcee-t-debut-underestimated-jiz-brzy/ A Czech Republic Hip-Hop Magazine article on Emcee T (January 2007)]
* [http://www.sfweekly.com/2005-12-07/music/mixtape-shmixtape/ Emcee T in SF Weekly Newspaper: San Francisco - Music - Mixtape Shmixtape]
* [http://www.jizo-entertainment.com/interviews/Emcee_T_CKOTB_Interview.htm Emcee T: Interview of the Chinese King Of The Bay (asian rapper) on JIZO Entertainment]
* [http://www.yayarea.biz Emcee T Interview on YAYAREA.biz]
* [http://www.aznraps.com/Interviews/Artists/Emcee_T%3A_The_Chinese_King_of_the_Bay/ AZNRAPS.com Interviews Emcee T]

External links

* [http://www.emceet.com/ Official website]
* [http://www.ztybeats.com/ Emcee T's Official Production Team website]
* [http://www.pushinthebay.com/ Emcee T's TV Show, PUSHIN' THE BAY TV]

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