High School Drama!

Infobox Game | subject_name= "High School Drama!"
image_caption = "High School Drama!" packaging
designer= Boyan Radakovich
publisher= Shifting Skies Games
players= 2 to 5
ages= 13+
setup_time= < 3 minutes
playing_time= 60 to 90 minutes
complexity= Low
strategy= Moderate
random_chance= Some
skills= Card playing

. [cite web
url = http://www.thegpa.org/index.php?name=News&file=article&sid=101
title = High School Drama! Release at GenCon SoCal (Nov 16-19)
accessdate = 2007-08-18
author = Shifting Skies Games
authorlink = Game Publishers Association
date = 2006-11-15
quote = High School Drama! will debut at GenCon SoCal 2006!
] "High School Drama!" can be played by two to five players using a single box set, as it contains the all the cards and game pieces required. [cite web
url = http://www.shiftingskies.com/games/index.php/drama
title = What does the game look like?
accessdate = 2007-08-18
author = Shifting Skies Games
authorlink = Shifting Skies Games
quote = Everything you need to play the game is included!

The game represents a media-stereotyped passage of American high school life, with players assuming the roles of ambitious students who seek to become the most socially successful individual of their graduating class. [cite web
url = http://www.gametrademagazine.com/PDFS/GTM_88_PDFS/GTM_88_between_the_lines.pdf
title = Between The Lines
accessdate = 2007-09-11
author = "Game Trade Magazine #88"
quote = Each player controls one main student who is expected to form cliques with students and organizations through "hookups" as they move from freshman to senior.
] Score points are symbolized as yearbook signatures and are awarded through factors such as having the most friends, connection to extracurricular clubs, and random event cards. It bears features common to collectible card games such as "" in game play execution, but it is not a trading card product. [cite web
url = http://www.shiftingskies.com/assets/site_pdf/HSD_how_to.pdf
title = It's a crash-course on how you play: High School Drama!
accessdate = 2007-08-18
author = Shifting Skies Games
authorlink = Game Publishers Association

"High School Drama!" was a nominated finalist for the 2007 Origins Award in the category of Best Non-Collectible Card Game. [cite web
url = http://www.originsgames.com/aagad/awards/nominees
title = Nominees
accessdate = 2007-08-18
author = Game Manufacturers Association
authorlink = Game Manufacturers Association
quote = The Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) announces the 33rd Annual Origins Awards Nominees.
] There is possibility of future optional expansion packs to the core game, adding additional cards and providing greater diversity. [" High School Drama! Rules Booklet Drama!", Expansion Packs, p. 11]


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* [http://www.shiftingskies.com/games/index.php/drama Official site for "High School Drama!"]

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