Council of State of Luxembourg

Council of State of Luxembourg

The Council of State (Luxembourgish: Staatsrot, French: Conseil d'État, German: Staatsrat) is an institution in Luxembourg that advises the national legislature, the Chamber of Deputies. Until 1 January 1997, it was also the country's supreme administrative court, but this function was ceded to the newly created Administrative Tribunal and Administrative Court.[1]

The Council of State was created by King-Grand Duke William III in the Coup of 1856. It was originally entirely appointed by the Grand Duke, but this was changed in 1866, and, despite the roll-back of many changes brought about by the coup, the Council of State has otherwise remained.[2]



The Council of State is composed of twenty-one councillors, who are appointed by the Grand Duke. Of these, at least eleven must hold doctorates in law.[3] Neither number applies to members of the Grand Ducal Family, who may be appointed as additional members of the Council.[3] Membership is restricted to Luxembourgian nationals, who are resident in the Grand Duchy, are in possession of their full civil and political rights, and are at least 30 years old.[3] The final restriction does not apply to the heir to the Grand Duchy, who may be appointed as soon as he or she is granted that title. Thus, the current Hereditary Grand Duke, Guillaume who is under 30, is still a member of the Council.[3]

Current councillors

As of 31 August 2011 (2011 -08-31), the members of the Council of State are:[4]

Position Name Nominator[5] Councillor since[6]
President Georges Schroeder CSV 1994-06-077 June 1994
Vice Presidents Viviane Ecker LSAP 2001-03-2929 March 2001
Claude Hemmer DP 1993-11-2525 November 1993
Councillors Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke # Grand Duke 1991-06-1010 June 2006
Agnès Durdu DP 2006-04-077 April 2006
Victor Gillen DP 1999-12-2020 December 1999
Albert Hansen CSV 2001-02-2323 February 2001
Erna Hennicot-Schoepges CSV 2009-11-1010 November 2009
René Kollwelter LSAP 2005-04-2929 April 2005
Charles Lampers CSV[7] 2011-02-2828 February 2011
Lydie Lorang CSV[8] 2010-02-011 February 2010
Roger Molitor CSV[9] 2008-02-1515 February 2008
Romain Nati LSAP 2004-10-1515 October 2004
Georges Pierret CSV 2000-01-1414 January 2000
Agnès Rausch Greens 2000-02-1122 February 2000
Albert Rodesch LSAP 2003-02-1313 February 2003
Patrick Santer CSV 2009-04-2727 April 2009
Marc Schaefer LSAP 2008-12-1818 December 2006
Kik Schneider DP 2000-04-088 April 2000
Paul Schmit DP 2000-06-099 June 2000
Françoise Thoma CSV 2000-10-2727 October 2000
Georges Wivenes CSV 2006-08-011 August 2006


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