Yan Mountains

The Yanshan or Yan Mountains (Chinese: 燕山)are a major mountain range north of the North China Plain in northern Hebei Province. The range rises between the Chaobai River on the west and the famous Shanhai Pass on the east. It is made up mostly of limestone, granite and basalt. Its altitude ranges from 400 to 1000 meters. The main peak, Mount Wuling, is 2116 m above sea level and is located north of Xinglong County in Hebei. The range contains many narrow passes, such as Gubei Pass, Xifeng Pass and Leng Pass. The eastern stretch of the Great Wall of China, including Badaling in northern Beijing, can be found on the Yanshan Mountains. The mountains are also an important traffic gateway between north and south. The Mount Wuling Natural Reserve is located here.

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