List of Scream film trilogy characters

List of Scream film trilogy characters

This is a list of characters who appear in the Scream film trilogy.

Tatum Riley

Tatum Riley is Sidney Prescott's best friend in the first film, as well as Deputy Dewey Riley's younger sister and Stuart "Stu" Macher's girlfriend. She was portrayed by Rose McGowan. Tatum is is asked at a party to go and get beer from the garage which she does, as she grabs the beer, the garage door which leads to the house closes slowly behind her, the lights go off as she gets a shock, activating the garage door and making it go up, she moves towards it so that she can go underneath however, once she reaches it, it stops and drops back down, Ghostface stands there at the button and after she jokingly taunts him, he cuts her arm, causing her to drop the beer. She manages to hit him in the head with the freezer door, knocking him down, and rushes to the door. Seeing it is still locked, she grabs the broken beer bottles she dropped and begins throwing them at him, hitting him in the stomache and the face. She ducks as he charges towards her and she runs to the garage door, seeking the cat flap for an escape, after climbing through, she gets stuck half way, Ghostface takes this opportunity to activate the door and it raises up taking Tatum with it, her head is crushed as the door reaches the beams above, she is later found by her best friend, Sidney Prescott.

Casey Becker

Casey Becker appears in the first "Scream" film. She is portrayed by Drew Barrymore. Casey is Ghostface's second victim, killed following a taunting telephone call in which she is quizzed on horror movie trivia. She was apparently a horror film fan, and her favorite horror film was Halloween, although she had seen all the A Nightmare on Elm Street sequels as well as Friday the 13th-"I saw that movie 20 god damn times!", she remarks. When she misses a question in the killer's trivia quiz, Ghostface murders her boyfriend Steve in front of her. She flees, but Ghostface chases her down and kills her, moments before her parents discover her gutted and hanged corpse. Her grisly death serves as an introduction to the series (much like the death of Judith Myers began the Halloween film series, or the death of Tina Grey served as an introduction to the murder spree of Freddy Krueger). Barrymore's presence in itself may have been a tribute to "Psycho", in that a high-profile actress is attached to a movie, only to be slaughtered in the first 20 minutes of the film, such as Janet Leigh's character in "Psycho" was.

Casey Cooper

Casey "Cici" Cooper, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, appears in "Scream 2". Cici is the "sober sister" for her sorority, on call should a drunk sister need help. Ghostface taunts her by phone before breaking in to her sorority house and attacking her, in a desperate bid to stay alive she races up the stairs with Ghostface chasing after her, after narrowly escaping him a few times she reaches the top floor, she hesitates at the glass balcony in her house where Ghostface grabs her and throws her through a glass door. As she dizzily crawls trying to stand up, he stabs her twice in the back and throws her off the balcony to her death. In the aftermath of her death, Gale Weathers and Dewey Riley realize from her name, Casey, that the killer is replicating the original Woodsboro killing series.

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