Rousseau (surname)

Rousseau is a French surname and may refer to:


* Eugène Rousseau (artist) (1827–1891), French glass and ceramics artist
* Eugene Rousseau (saxophonist) (born 1932), American saxophonist
* Frederick Rousseau (born 1958), French musician
* Henri Rousseau (1844–1910), French painter
* James Rousseau (born 1980), English model
* Jean Rousseau (1644–1699), French musician and author
* Jean-Baptiste Rousseau (1671–1741), French poet
* Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712–1778), French author and philosopher
* Jean-Jacques Rousseau (author-filmmaker), Belgian film director
* Jeanne Rij-Rousseau (1870–1956), French painter and art theorist
* Jean Simeon Rousseau de la Rottiere (1747–1820), French decorative painter
* Stéphane Rousseau, Canadian actor
* T. Marshall Rousseau, American museum director
* Théodore Rousseau (1812–1867), French painter

* Cecil C. Rousseau, mathematician
* Denis Rousseau, American scientist
* Frederic Rousseau, Belgian molecular biologist


* Bobby Rousseau (born 1940), Canadian ice hockey player
* Eugène Rousseau (chess player) (c.1810–1870), French chess player
* Florian Rousseau (born 1974), French cyclist
* Jacques Rousseau (athlete) (born 1951), French track and field athlete
* Vincent Rousseau (born 1962), Belgian runner
* Yves Rousseau, French aviator

Politics and military

* Lovell Rousseau (1818–1869), American general
* René Waldeck-Rousseau (1846–1904), French statesman
* Roger Rousseau (1921–1986), Canadian ambassador

;As a first name:
* Rousseau Owen Crump (1843–1901), American politician and businessman
* Rousseau H. Flower (1913–1988), American paleontologist
* Victor Rousseau Emanuel (1879–1960), British writer

* Danielle Rousseau, character on the American TV show "Lost"
* Alexandra Rousseau, her daughter

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