Smirnov (surname)

According to the 2002 population census, Smirnov (masculine) or Smirnova (feminine) is the most popular surname in Russia (See Balanovska et al., 2006, [] ). Variants of transliteration: Smirnoff or Smyrnov. Derived from an adjective "smirnyy" (смирный, in archaic form "smirnoy" смирной), that means "quiet, still, meek, gentle". This surname is shared by the following people:


*Alexander Smirnov, see there for a list
*Alexei Smirnov, Russian particle physicist
*Alexey Smirnov, see there for a list
*Anatoly Smirnov, see there for a list
*Boris Smirnov, see there for a list
*Dmitri Alexeievich Smirnov (1882–1944), Russian tenor
*Dmitry Nikolayevich Smirnov (composer) (b. 1948), Russian/British composer
*Dmitry Nikolayevich Smirnov (revolutionary) (1848–1928), Russian revolutionary
*Grigory Smirnov (b. 1982), Russian composer
*Igor Smirnov (b. 1941), the President of the internationally unrecognized Transdniestrian Moldovan Republic
*Ivan Smirnov, see there for a list
*Leonid Smirnov (1916–?), Soviet politician
*Lev Smirnov (1911–1986), Soviet statesman and jurist
*Maksim Smirnov (b. 1979), Estonian soccer midfielder
*Nestor Smirnov (1878–1942), Russian zoologist
*Nikolay Smirnov, see there for a list
*Pavel Smirnov (1882–1947), Russian historian
*Pyotr Smirnov, Russian businessman, founder of the Smirnoff vodka brand
*Sergey Smirnov, see there for a list
*Stanislav Smirnov, mathematician, recipient of the Clay Research Award
*Vasily Smirnov, see there for a list
*Vladimir Smirnov, see there for a list
*Yakov Smirnoff, (b. 1951), Russian-born American comedian
*Yefim Smirnov (1904–1989), Russian military physician


*Tamara Mikhaylovna Smirnova, see there for a list
*Lyudmila Smirnova (b. 1949), Russian figure skater

Other variations

*Māris Smirnovs (b. 1976), Latvian soccer defender
*Nikolay Smirnov-Sokolsky (1898–1962), Soviet actor

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