The abbreviation SRO can refer to:

* Eucalypto trees
* Single Room Occupancy, a hotel where a single individual occupies a single room.
* Station Reception Officer, an administrative rank in UK policing
* Standing room only, an event in which all seats are occupied leaving only places to stand.
* Standing Room Only (TV series), an Home Box Office (HBO) entertainment tv series.
* School Resource Officer, A police officer assigned to work in the school setting investigating crimes, conducting presentations, and acting as a liaison between the police and the school.
* Self Regulatory Organization, a private entity operating in a government-regulated industry that has responsibility for oversight of its users or members, which includes the ability to require licensing, levy penalties, etc.
* Senior Reactor Operator, The Nuclear Regulatory Commission licenses the individuals who operate the controls of a nuclear power plant. A senior reactor operator is a supervisory position overseeing the work of the reactor operators. The license is issued after the individual passes both a written examination and an operating test.
* Silkroad Online, A free MMORPG game.
* "SRo", Slovenský rozhlas, Slovak radio group
* "S.R.O.", a 1966 album by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass
* "S.R.O.", a song by Avail from their 1998 album "Over the James"
* Stéphane Ratel Organisation, an organizer and promoter of motor racing series. Currently organizes the FIA GT Championship, British GT Championship and other national championships.
* Service Request Order, a request for maintenance or a service to be performed. Often part of an ERP package.
* SRO Records a record company
* SrO is also the chemical formula for strontium oxide.
* Suta-Raito Oekaki, A drawing site connected to
*s.r.o. in the names of Czech and Slovak businesses corresponds to "LLC" and reads as "společnost s ručením omezeným"

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